Rihanna Set to Portray Poison Ivy in 'Gotham City Sirens' Movie?

Rumors and fan theories surrounding the DCEU and the MCU circle the internet like flies hover over you know what. Thus, parsing through the pipedreams and the actual, credibly-backed, leaks can prove quite tricky. So, as for one of the latest rumors — Rihanna’s attachment to the murderous, mischevious, and manipulative Poison Ivy — what do we know?

Is Rihanna — the singer-turned-actress who proved her acting chops in the star-studded Ocean’s 8 — set to take on one of Gotham’s most iconic villains, Poison Ivy? Let’s discuss what we know so far about the role, as well as the possible movie she is slated to star in and go from there.

Warner Bros is apparently eyeing Rihanna for Poison Ivy role in the DCEU

When it comes to We Got This Covered, the outlet rarely releases theories without a reliable source; thus, if the publication starts a rumor, those behind it likely have a reason for doing so (it’s more than just your average talk). We Got This Covered shared: 

Our sources have informed us…that one name Warner Bros. is looking at to take the role is pop star, Rihanna. From what we understand, the singer is just one of a few names on the studio’s internal wishlist and it’s unclear if a formal offer has been extended yet.


We Got This Covered goes on to explain that the source of the information accurately predicted that a Swamp thing movie was in development, and informed the outlet that Wonder Woman would receive her Golden Eagle armor in the heroine’s next installment; since both of these pieces of information turned out to be true, We Got This Covered has no reason to believe that this theory is not credible. The larger question is: would Rihanna step up to the plate? 


Did Rihanna hint at her interest in accepting the Poison Ivy role on Instagram? 

While We Got This Covered informed fans that Warner Bros was eyeing Rihanna for the role — getting the entire planet hyped for a movie far far away — the singer-songwriter (and actress) took it into her own hands to make fans even more certain that she’s interested. 

Rihanna took to Instagram a few days ago, showcasing a fashionable stiletto with a caption stating, “bat-mobile, but make it fashion.” You can see the post below. 


While some fans may simply envy Rihanna for those pair of shoes (look at them), DC enthusiasts, as well as those who love to watch Rihanna on the silver screen, have begun to take this as early confirmation that she will be our next Ivy, following in the footsteps of Uma Thurman.

Would Rihanna so confidently post a bat-man reference if she planned to deny the role, or wasn’t certain that Warner Bros would cast her? Rihanna’s got the name recognition needed to bring people to the theater for a Gotham City Sirens film. It seems like only a matter of time until she signs the dotted line; it could be happening as we speak. 

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