Richard Madeley makes creepy gaffe as says Louise Redknapp is ‘wearing well’

Richard Madeley has been back in the co-hosting chair for This Morning after 18 years, and he's made a creepy misjudgement.

Pop star Louise Redknapp sat down with Richard and wife Judy Finnigan to discuss Heavy Love, her new solo album that she's absolutely buzzing about.

After they'd finished and Louise has chatted candidly about the break-up of her marriage and what her music means to her, Richard signed off the interview in a slightly unnerving way.

Joking about Louise's past in hit girlband Eternal, the 63-year-old offered: "You're still looking good. Wearing very well."

Louise laughed off the comment and thanked Richard, before Judy shot her husband daggers and nodded at the camera.

"It's you," she said, gesturing for him to speak to the camera.

"I know it's me," he snapped back, "I've done this job before."

During her time on the sofa, Louise also laid bare just how much of a passion project her new album is.

She said: "So much has changed in my life. This whole album, all you can do is put on what you feel and what you've been through."

Richard dived head in, questioning Louise about how big an influence on the album her divorce was.

She was married to football pundit Jamie Redknapp for nearly two decades, with the two deciding to split in 2017.

"I never went into the album with it being about that," she said, "But naturally when you're in the studio and you're writing and this safe haven, you pour your heart out because that's your safe place.

"I'd say there are definitely songs on the album that aren't bashing, and it's not about being overly personal. It's just how I felt as a woman, as a mother, as a wife."

When asked what she feels went wrong with her marriage, she said that she doesn't know.

Louise said: "I wish I knew. It was a really sad time, it was devastating for the whole family, and when there's children involved it's something that takes a long time to get over."

Earlier in the show, Richard and Judy introduced the star with a clip of her back in her Eternal days when she first came on This Morning.

"I was about ten back then!" Louise joked.

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