Ricardo Cortes Vera Talks Audience-Driven Content at Ventana Sur

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Ricardo Cortes Vera, commissioning editor for Señal Colombia, introduced the audience-driven children’s content his company is renowned for in hopes of encouraging a crowd of animators into submitting their own work to the channel. He did so in a keynote address given Tuesday afternoon in Buenos Aires, at the Animation! strand of the 10th Ventana Sur.

“We have good news: After reviewing material at some pitch workshops, we might have some pitches that could be included next year at Señal,” he said.

Señal Colombia: The Audience Creates The Content, was presented as part of a string of speaking engagements centered around animation at this year’s market held at the UCA campus in Buenos Aires and provided an integrated look into the production aspects of a Señal series.

“We take into account children’s chronicles of their fantastic universes, our content is essentially created by children,” Vera said when describing the innovative lot of series the channel produces.

Short clips from shows such as “Las Crónicas Elefantiles,” were shown as Vera remarked, “inspiration comes from the children themselves. Speaking of the often mature nature of the stories broadcast on the network he added, “we don’t want to undermine what children understand.”


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Vera also gave brief insights into what the company seeks in a new production. “We think not only about quality, the project also has to be feasible,” he said.  Noting that projects that have secured a bit of funding beforehand are the most attractive. “We look for projects that can secure at least 30% of their total value.”

Vera went on to speak to the importance of continuing to produce projects that incorporate the audience like their series, “¿Qué Harías Tú?” which records children’s’ live reactions to various tales told through animation on topics such as bullying, cheating on a test, and lying. “Children can come in and stand in each other’s shoes and talk about different opinions and their diverse points of view,” he remarked.

The keynote wound down with an emotional Vera announcing his resignation from the company, “I came here on my last trip representing Señal.”

With a tear in his eye, he went on to discuss the government initiatives to control the airwaves. “Television is being passed into the hands of the government to control and not the people, this is what’s happening in Colombia right now.” Adding, “everything is at risk, funding sources are at risk, freedom is at risk and we need to do something this week.”

Referring to the laws being made he made an emotional, final plea to the audience,: “You can help by going to all of the social media networks, make your voices heard and attach this hashtag, #latvpublicasedefiende.”

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