RHOBH fans praise Dorit Kemsley's son Jagger, now 7, for calling Erika Jayne a 'bad guy' in old clip before fraud claims

RHOBH fans have praised Dorit Kemsley's son Jagger for calling Erika Jayne a "bad guy" in a resurfaced clip.

The shocking moment happened in season eight of the Bravo show in 2017 – years before Erika was accused of embezzling millions from the families of plane crash victims.

TikTok user Queen Bored unearthed the scene, captioning it: "Jagger, the toddler Hollywood medium."

In the clip, Jagger, then four, was seated at a lavish table with the other Housewives to celebrate Dorit's birthday.

Dorit asked her son: "Do you remember the girls?" pointing to the rest of the RHOBH cast.

Jagger – now seven – looked at Erika and said: "Bad guy."


Dorit looked shocked, probing further: "Who's the bad guy? Erika's the bad guy?"

Erika scowled, while Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump looked taken aback by the youngster's reaction.

The scene cut to a confessional with Erika, with the 50-year-old shrugging and telling the camera: "Maybe. You know, kids do tell the truth… but maybe he was prompted."

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It then cut back to the dinner party scene, where Jagger insistently told Erika: "You the bad guy!"

Having gathered her composure, she replied jokingly: "That's right! I wear that like a badge of honor, young man."

After the amusing scene resurfaced on TikTok, viewers flooded the comments with their support for Jagger.

One wrote, "Jagger is a rock star," while another added, "The kid knew the whole time."

"Omg hilarious. Young kids and animals are more attuned than most," a third user posted.


Erika has been fielding a barrage of backlash since she and ex Tom Girardi, 82, were hit with an embezzlement lawsuit in December.

The Bravo star filed for divorce from lawyer Tom in November after 21 years of marriage.

A month later, they were accused of "embezzling the proceeds of settlements," including ones for those who had lost loved ones in a plane crash.

The lawsuit accused Tom of embezzling the settlement proceeds in order to “continue funding his and Erika’s lavish Beverly Hills lifestyles."

Erika addressed the allegations in a recent episode of RHOBH, insisting she has "nothing to do" with the lawsuit.


After admitting she was doing “f**king horrible,” she said: “This sucks so bad.

“Things that are being said are just wrong. People are believing them and they’re everywhere and it’s terrible and I’m here by myself.

“And what’s being said, it’s just insane. That my divorce is a sham. But nobody cares about the facts.”

Earlier this month, Erika faced further scrutiny as she was accused of receiving $25million in luxury items and jewels from Tom's law firm.

She "used her notoriety and glamor" to hide the funds, according to court documents.

The court filing claimed Erika, her businesses and Tom's law firm "conspired to conceal" the funds to keep the money away from the creditors in the bankruptcy case.

It read: "Erika has used her glamor and notoriety to continue to aid and abet in sham transactions that have occurred with respect to large transfers of assets from the Debtor."

Erika allegedly "refused to return" the lottery payments and luxury items, and instead received or diverted them for her "own benefit."

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