Remember Janis Ian from Mean Girls? Actress Lizzy Caplan looks INCREDIBLE 18 years on

MEAN Girls is one of the biggest teen comedies of the 00s – and it really helped to put some young actors names on the map.

Lizzy Caplan, now 39, is best known for playing Janis Ian in the cult film, where she starred alongside Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan.

In the popular movie, Lizzy played a nerdy character who did everything to disrupt the strict social hierarchy of their high school.

Feisty fictional student Janice Ian has a very alternative style – with jet black hair and goth-inspired clothing.

This is how many fans of the 2004 film will remember Lizzy, where she took on the role at 22-years-old.

But fast forward 18 years later and the actress looks completely different.

Lizzy currently sports a chic brown bob and has a very sophisticated dress sense.

Although her style couldn't be more different to her on-screen alter-ego, she continues to pursue a career in the world of show business.

The LA-based actress has taken on countless roles since Mean Girls hit the big screen.

Her noteworthy film credits include leading parts in Cloverfield, Hot Tub time Machine, The Interview and Now You See Me 2.

She has also appeared in hit TV shows Masters of Sex, American Dad!, True Blood and The League.

The actress also starred in 127 Hours, Save the Date, Bachelorette, Allied and her latest 2018 film Extinction, where she played the leading role of Alice.

She's also enjoyed success on the small screen in TV Mini Series Das Boot, which was released in 2018.

Lizzy got engaged to British actor Tom Riley in 2016 after first meeting in January 2015 while the actress was filming Now You See Me 2 in London.

They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Prague Opera Ball in February 2016 and the two were married in September 2017. They welcomed a baby boy in 2021.

A post shared by Lizzy Caplan (@thelizzycaplan)

A post shared by Lizzy Caplan (@thelizzycaplan)

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