Ravi kills again in EastEnders as his brutal attack leaves Keanu dead?

Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) was left horrified in EastEnders when Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) failed to get up after his brutal attack on him.

Following a drugs bust at Albie’s christening earlier that day, Keanu was arrested for intent to supply cocaine and was taken to the police station for questioning.

Of course, the shock arrest was all anyone could talk about back at the Queen Vic, so it wasn’t long before Ravi had caught wind of the issue.

Terrified that Keanu would drop him in it, having been the one to send him on the job in the first place, Ravi made a call to his bosses, letting them know that they had a problem.

As Ravi warned a shocked Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) that her boyfriend had better keep his mouth shut, back at the station, the police offered Keanu a get out of jail free card.

They informed him that they were more interested in tracking down the people above him in the chain, and that if he gave them up he would be allowed to go free.

When Keanu arrived back on the Square shortly after, paranoid Ravi was rattled.

Keanu soon put his mind at rest when he swore that he hadn’t grassed, pointing out that he had been released on bail.

Though Ravi seemed mollified, his higher ups weren’t so sure, and gave him another job to do.

As Keanu made his way home that night, having been fired from his bouncer job at Peggy’s thanks to his illegal activity, he bumped into Ravi once more, only this time it wasn’t so friendly.

After brutally attacking him, Ravi urged Keanu to get up, but was horrified when he was unresponsive.

Terrified that he may get caught, Ravi made a run for it, leaving Keanu unconscious on the pavement.

Has Ravi killed Keanu?

This wouldn’t be the first time Ravi has killed, having struck the fatal blow that killed dad Ranveer last year.

Despite committing the murder, Ravi allowed Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) to believe that she had been the culprit, going so far as to delete vital evidence that proved his involvement.

Could Ravi be set to blame Keanu’s attack on someone else?

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