Quentin Tarantino’s First Film He Ever Saw Had Interesting Sexual Politics

Legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has created some of the most iconic movies of all time. He has a loyal following, many of which have grown up watching his signature style of filmmaking. Tarantino recently opened up regarding the first movie that he remembers ever seeing. He explained how the film’s sexual politics intrigued him.

Quentin Tarantino earned a lifetime achievement award

Tarantino started as an independent filmmaker with 1992’s Reservoir Dogs. His career further skyrocketed with his sophomore effort Pulp Fiction, which scored him the Cannes Film Festival’s coveted Palme d’Or and the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. His name garners a huge amount of attention for any project that he’s working on. Most recently, 2019’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood won two Oscars.

Tarantino was recently at the Rome Film Festival. However, he wasn’t there for a movie of his own. Rather, he was accepting a lifetime achievement award. Italian horror master Dario Argento himself presented him with the award.

Quentin Tarantino recalls the first movie he remembers ever seeing

Variety reported on Tarantino discussing the past and future of his film career while at the film festival. The filmmaker reminisced about the first movie he remembers ever seeing. It’s a James Bond-like movie titled Deadlier Than the Male. Ralph Thomas directs Richard Johnson in the 1967 British spy movie.

The plot follows a British agent named Bulldog Drummond (Johnson), who comes face to face with a criminal who uses women to commit his murders. Tarantino recalls seeing the movie and its intriguing sexual politics, even if they went over his head as a child.

“That’s as far back as my memory of a movie goes; I was literally about 5,” Tarantino said. “I remember this one scene with Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina. They kidnap this guy, and they kind of hold this guy prisoner. I remember watching it at 5 and being a little blown away by the sexual politics of it. I didn’t understand that at 5.”

Tarantino later couldn’t remember the name of the movie but could recount specific scenes. In the 1990s, he added Deadlier Than the Male to his collection and that’s how he discovered the movie once again.

“And so I’m screening it after I bought it,” Tarantino recounted. “And then all of a sudden, about midway through, that scene comes on and I go: ‘Oh my God! This is the f***ing movie! This is the first movie I ever f***ing saw!’”

The tenth and final movie

Tarantino has a lot going on in his life, including a film criticism book and a potential television series. However, he’s supposedly retiring after a tenth and final movie. He wants to complete his career on a high note, rather than keep making movies that he might not be entirely proud of. There has been some speculation as to some of his ideas, although he hasn’t confirmed anything.

Stay tuned for more information on Tarantino’s tenth and final film.

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