Queen Camilla’s ‘forced’ reaction to star flirting with hubby exposes key trait

A body language expert says that Queen Camilla's reaction to Miss Piggy flirting with husband King Charles III during the Coronation Concert appeared to be "forced."

As Hugh Bonneville was speaking to the camera, The Muppets legends Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy popped up as the famous puppets said, "Make way! Make way!"

"Hi ho there Hugh. You know actually we're looking for our seats. We're in the Royal Box," Kermit told Hugh, with Miss Piggy adding: "King Charlesy Walsly is expecting him," to which King Charles appeared to laugh.

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However, body language expert Adrianne Carter, better known as The Face Whisperer, spoke exclusively to Daily Star and revealed that although Camilla smiled at the comment, her reaction appeared to be "forced," and that she did not seem to find the joke funny.

"Camilla is very much a straight player with her facial expressions and her facial expressions say ‘not funny’ for The Muppets," said Adrianne.

"When she does smile it looks forced rather than genuine…"

Miss Piggy also joked with presenter Hugh Bonneville, as she cheekily asked the star: "Wait a second, are you single, your Lordship?" before suggesting that they should get married.

"Well, I’m flattered…" Hugh replied, before Miss Piggy said: "Oh, you feel it too! Lady Piggy, it just sounds so right, doesn’t it?"

Miss Piggy continued: "I have a wedding to plan, for a Lord and future Lady," with George and Charlotte seeing chuckling in their seats at The Muppets' antics as Miss Piggy urged Hugh to buy her a "big ring" for their wedding day.

Hugh then whispered for security to be on the lookout for the duo, as laughter rang out from across the audience and in the Royal Box.

It was not just King Charles that were left chuckling at Miss Piggy's comments, as fans were also delighted by appearance from The Muppets too, with one saying on social media: "Charles laughing at Miss Piggy with ‘King Charlsiewarlsie’ was a real highlight!"

A second penned: "'King Charlesey Warlsey” coming from Miss Piggy whilst practically pouncing on Hugh Bonneville (aka Lord Grantham) is not something I’d ever thought I’d ever see …. but here we are."

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