Princess Diana film Spencer review: Kirsten Stewart is near perfect but it’s at times insensitive



SPENCER is very much a tale of two halves.

On one hand it deserves a standing ovation for Kirsten Stewart's portrayal of the late Princess with her near perfect execution of her accent and mannerisms – a seriously impressive turn around for someone who starred in a toe-curing remake of Charlie's Angels just 24 months ago.

The other is the questionable warping of history – seemingly intent on erasing any possible positive influence or support any member of the royal family offered the troubled Princess of Wales and presenting it as fact.

While there is no denying Diana was miserable and seriously struggled, Spencer is at times an uncomfortably insensitive film riddled with holes and mistruths which throws unnecessary new mud at a British icon.

Graphic scenes depicting her binge eating before kneeling over the toilet and vomiting it back up give an unnecessarily gritty account of Diana's battle with bulimia.

Similarly, grabbing a pair of wire cutters before lancing herself in shot feels exploitative and voyeuristic – especially when the act itself appears in shot.

Visually, the film is mesmerising with countless moody and scenic shots of stunning landscapes and the vast royal estate.

The score as well is also easily worthy of an accolade or two.

Though it's hard to see how Spencer would be receiving the praise it did following its debut at Venice Film Festival without Kirsten's solid performance at the helm.

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