Pointless: Richard Osman rendered speechless as contestant drops shock bombshell

The Pointless presenters welcomed a new batch of contestants on to the BBC show today to tackle some more tricky quiz questions. 

As is custom, they went round each quizzer to find out where they’ve come from in the country and what job they do for a living. 

However, one contestant left them shocked completely when he revealed he works in a supermarket. 

Joe isn’t just any ordinary shop worker as he revealed to Richard and Alexander: he takes on absolutely every role there. 

At the thought of it, Richard gasped, while Alexander couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing. 

The latter continued to ask Joe about his work commitments and it seemed the busy-body will never shy away from any job while on shift.

Sadly for Joe, the Pointless gods didn’t align for him and he was send home. 

Meanwhile, fans of the BBC show weren’t happy with whoever had been interviewed for the answers on it. 

Alexander put up a picture of Windsor Castle and asked the contestants if they could work out which famous landmark was being depicted from the clue: “W_N_S_R C_A_S_L_.”

However, a whopping 24 people couldn’t quite put the jigsaw pieces together and viewers weren’t too happy about it. 

One said: “24 people couldn’t get Windsor Castle with the picture and the letters W_N_S_R C_S_L_? This country is f***ed!”

Another shared: “24 couldn’t figure out W_N_S_R C_S_L_ was Windsor Castle despite a great big picture of it above.”

A third simply added: “This is painful #pointless.”

Yesterday, viewers found themselves baffled as they spotted something rather unusual about a contestant. 

Alexander and Richard welcomed Su’ on to the show and she did rather well. 

However, some fans were confused by the rogue apostrophe on her name and flocked to Twitter to comment on it. 

One said: “What’s wrong with ‘Sue’? Or Just ‘Su’ without the apostrophe?” 

A second added: “Didn’t quite grasp the Su’, silly spelling of her name #Pointless.”

Absolutely fascinated to know why Su’ on #Pointless uses an apostrophe at the end of her name,” commented a third.

Another shared: “#Pointeless Su’ what’s that all about?”

Pointless airs weekdays on BBC One from 5.15pm. 

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