Piers Morgan issues apology to TalkTV viewers as show forced off air

Piers Morgan lambasts Prince Harry over privacy hearing

Yuval Noah Harari began to explain exactly why he thinks the world should be “very worried” about Artificial Intelligence but soon experienced issues during their discussion.

As Yuval was trying to explain how AI could be a force for good, the sound on their interview link was muted and the channel’s title music began to play.

Piers promptly took to his Twitter page to apologise to viewers over the technical issue. He wrote: “Apologies for the brief technical snafu on @PiersUncensored tonight.

“[It]was caused by our entire sound desk mysteriously crashing at the precise moment we were debating artificial intelligence taking control of humans… I’m not a conspiracy theorist BUT… “

During his discussion with Yuval, he expressed: “We should be very worried because what we need to understand about AI, artificial intelligence, it is the first to make decisions by itself.

“All previous inventions in human history always empowered us, they always gave us more power because the decisions were always made by humans.

“If you invent a knife, the knife cannot decide whether to use it to cut salad, or murder somebody or save your life in surgery.

“If you invent an atomic bomb, similarly the atom bomb cannot decide who to attack and when and where.

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“AI is the first technology that can actually make decisions by itself, it can make decisions about its own usage and development.

“AI can make better AI, and can also AI can make and does make decisions about us. Increasingly when you apply to a bank for a loan, to get a job, it is an AI making crucial decisions about your life.”

“We haven’t seen anything yet. AI is just making its first tiny baby steps, something like 10 years old,” Yuval explained.

He passionately added: “To really think about it, think about it as this is the beginning of organic life four billion years ago.

“Can you imagine how tyrannosaurus rex would look like, or how homo sapiens would look like,” to which Piers had to interject.

He noted: “You have successfully terrified me, and probably all my viewers so how do we save ourselves from the T-rex of AI?”

Yuval revealed: “It can be used for good and so far we are still in control but we don’t know for how many years.

“We need to understand the capabilities of AI and slow down its deployment to make sure we use it wisely and safely.”

Piers Morgan Uncensored airs weekdays from 8pm on TalkTV.

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