Piers Morgan fails to bring in fans as TalkTV ratings drop weeks after debut

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Piers Morgan's new show is struggling to attract an audience as ratings continue to dive weeks after its launch.

After Piers' exit from Good Morning Britain in 2021, he made his TV debut once again as the presenter for a brand new show 'Uncensored' on TalkTV.

Unfortunately, Piers' new show is seeing a major drop in ratings just weeks after its initial launch.

Piers opened to an average of 317,000 viewers on his March 25 debut for TalkTV with an exclusive interview with former President Donald Trump.

However, it's dropped right back down after a consistent decrease in figures following the initial launch.

Official figures from BARB show Nigel Farage's GB News show has beat the TalkTV flagship programme, peaking at 73,600 viewers.

Meanwhile, Piers' 8pm slot only brought in 58,800 viewers.

Mark Steyn, who hosts GB News' 8pm show attracted more viewers than Piers' primetime debut.

Journalist and broadcaster Dan Wootton came out on top, with his show reaching 75,100 viewers.

However, Piers isn't phased by the dwindling support his show received and took to social media to lash out against his critics.

He tweeted: "Loving how much my new show is annoying all the right people, exactly as I'd hoped.

"And surprise, surprise, they're already trying to cancel me! Keep wailing, you whiny woke Guardian-reading wastrels…

"I'm your worst nightmare and only just getting started."

Twitter users showed their support for piers, with @NeilMash202255 writing: "It was bound to annoy lots of people and that’s what’s so good about it … there are lots that saw you cancelled when on GMB that they thought they’d never see you again but hear you are bounced back fantastic."

User @hassan_shaulaan added: "Keep it up sir!!! There will be people who hate you and the things you do or say!! Just keep it going forward!! Lots of love from Maldives."

Meanwhile, users lashed out at Piers' new show with some saying it is a '5-minute wonder'.

@AmabileChrissy wrote: "It will be a 5 minute wonder! Tuned in first night and after 20mins switched off."

@KevIsAtHome said: "Is that the show no one is watching?"

Piers Morgan: Uncensored continues weekdays at 8pm on TalkTV.

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