Piers Morgan compares Oscars stars to ‘strippers’ in fresh rant

Piers Morgan slams celebrity clothing at the 2023 Oscars

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Broadcaster Piers Morgan slammed the clothing choices of some of the women who attended the Oscars at the weekend, describing their outfits as “skimpy” and questioning their “standards”. During his TalkTV show Uncensored, he went on to ask what had happened to the “glamour” of the star-studded event.

Hollywood’s A-listers and actors from across the globe gathered at the iconic awards ceremony on Sunday night.

While the winners and stand-out moments have been making headlines, Piers, 57, appeared to have been left distracted by other things.

Addressing how show guest Esther Krakue, he commented on Wednesday night: “Oscars glamour, Esther.

“You’re a very glamorous young lady, always on this show.

“But I’ve noticed, you know, you have standards that you keep up to, right?

“These standards seem to drop as fast as the clothing at the Oscars, with a series of female celebrities rocking up at the Vanity Fair party basically wearing underwear with a kind of skimpy, see-through top.”

“Oh, I know who you’re referring to,” Esther agreed as she began to laugh.

As some images from the event were displayed, Piers added: “Look at them all here, right?

I mean more and more of them rocked up basically naked with a couple of bars of clothing on them.

“This is not what the Oscars is supposed to be about! Where’s the glamour in this? This is like a bunch of strippers!”

“We’re living in an attention-seeking generation,” laughed Esther.

The broadcaster went on to reminisce about the old days of the Oscars.

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“Look at the Oscars back in the fifties, it’s a completely different vibe,” he complained.

“The great thing about the old stars was that they didn’t feel that desperation first to be noticed, they didn’t need it.

“Now it’s all like look at my naked flesh, not even look at my talent and my glamour and my beauty.”

The 57-year-old went on to criticise model Emily Ratajkowski, questioning why she had been invited to the event.

He fumed: “What is Emily Ratajkowski doing there anyway? How does she qualify to be anywhere near an Oscars party?

“She turned up in more clothes than she normally wears i.e not very many but what’s she doing there?

“It’s like Kim Kardashian or something – ridiculous!”

Uncensored airs weekdays from 8pm on TalkTv.

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