Peter Andre shows off his scarred face for new film role with co-star Fredi Nwaka

PETER Andre has showed off his tattooed neck and scarred face he has for his new movie On The Other Foot.

The pop star, 47, posed alongside director Fredi Nwaka looking much more terrifying than he usually does.

The Mysterious Girl singer revealed his new inking on Instagram, writing: “On set with Fredi Nwaka. Film coming next year 🙂 🎥 🍿”

In the picture, you can see a big scar on his neck along with a large black flame-style inking.

Some followers were shocked to see his appearance, but they need not have worried, as it was all stage make-up.

Peter is actually working on a film with Fredi and appeared thrilled to be back on set.

The father-of-four shared also teased that the film will be released next year.

Fans have been intrigued by Peter's "new tattoo", after he showed it off the huge tattoo last week.

Pete told his followers he was "getting ready for something special" as he posed in a white shirt for a selfie on Instagram.

The star left a few buttons on his shirt undone, exposing his neck and a large inking.

Fans immediately spotted the new feature on Pete's body, with one writing: "What’s on your neck"

Another said: "Is that a new tattoo on your neck? Looking very dapper Pete"

However, sources confirmed the tattoo is fake and is part of Peter's new look for his exciting Hollywood project.

The insider told The Sun Online: "He is currently filming for a new movie and that is part of his character it’s not real."

Peter also shared a snap of his inking when he posed alongside actor Lee Charles.

Taking to his Instagram stories he shared a snap of himself standing next to Lee.

He wrote on the picture: "Mate, you're the Butcher in Gangs of London.

"Glad you like me or I'd be s******g myself."

It then drew more attention to it when he appeared on Loose Women yesterday.

When asked by host Ruth Langsford about it, he said: "So this is not mine and the beard is even fuller because I can't really grow it properly.

“I'm on set for a film so I was there this morning, I've come here and I'm going back to do it this afternoon.

"It's semi-permanent. I had [fake] scars, I had to take them off. I like the tattoo."

Peter does have multiple real tattoos on his arms but said back in 2018 that he wouldn't be adding to his collection as wife Emily is not a fan of them.

Earlier this year the father-of-four admitted in his new! column that he is "trying to adapt" with the times and branch out in his career.

He shared: "I'm trying to adapt in terms of performing and moving with the times.

"I've finally been granted an American working visa, which means as soon as the travel restrictions is relaxed I can start going for auditions in the States again."

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