Peter Andre reveals he's seen a UFO 'jolting' through the night sky and is hooked on alien life documentaries

PETER Andre has revealed he's seen a UFO "jolting" through the night sky and is hooked on alien life documentaries.

The 48-year-old has been fascinated with the extraterrestrial creatures for a number of years.

The Mysterious Girl singer definitely believes there is another form of life out there and recently opened up about one of his experiences.

In his latest column for New Magazine, he wrote: "On another note, I've been watching unexplained phenomena on UFOs.

"It's amazing to think that there could be and possibly intelligent life, elsewhere in our universe.

"I definitely believe that there is life elsewhere."

Pete then went on to explain what had happened to make him think twice about what else is out there.

He continued: "I've been asked if I've ever seen something extraordinary, and yes I've seen many thing that I can't explain, including once with my brother and the kids.

"This particular time, there was an object jolting from one part of the sky to te other at incredibly high speeds.

"Of course it could have just been an unidentified object and it doesn't necessarily mean it was from another planet, but it was still something that couldn't be explained."

Back in 2017 the dad-of-four started his own alien hunt after claiming to have seen a UFO in bizarre confession.

During a segment on This Morning he spoke to Ronnie Wood’s former wife Jo and a woman who claimed they had been abducted by a little green man.

He told viewers: "You see, I do believe that alien spacecrafts have visited this planet – why? Because I've seen one.

"A few years ago I was driving through the Nevada desert with my family close to the famous Area 51 military base.

"You're only allowed within a certain distance of the base and believe me I got as close as I could, and what I saw was unbelievable.

"There were crafts, they were erratic, these objects going from one point of the sky to the other within split seconds, disappearing and reappearing, it blew my mind.

"Even though since then I've seen loads of things, that in itself made me believe."

Peter isn't the only celebrity who believes in aliens.

Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt has made her beliefs very known in her podcast that she stars in alongside boyfriend Scott Dobinson.

During an episode of Scarlett Moffatt Wants to Believe back in March, the reality star revealed how she is convinced Stonehenge was built by aliens due to "clear evidence".

Towie star Gemma Collins is also a huge fan of the unknown creatures – and has confessed that she would even have a baby with one of them.

During a chat with her pal Lucas on an episode of The Gemma Collins Podcast, she said: "I'm not convinced still that I'm a human, I feel like I'm a extraterrestrial somedays.

"I feel like people look at me like I'm an extraterrestrial but I like it. I like to be different I think if we was all the same life would be boring.

"So this really got me thinking where we came from…"

Gemma added: "We ain't going to know, we're not going to know until we pass on this earth plane and we go into another dimension.

"I hope I end up with the aliens and I end up with a little alien baby!"

Last year the bubbly blonde also claimed that her mum Joan met an alien "with dead eyes" while sitting on a train in Essex and that they communicated via telepathy.

Gemma confessed: "I believe in aliens – my mum has actually met one on the train.

"She said, 'I was sitting on the train and I saw this guy – and I thought something's weird about him'.

"Her sixth sense, being a witch, it didn't feel right, so my mum started to feel really uncomfortable."

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