Paddy McGuinness accidentally pulls his tooth out with a toffee – and shows it off in gross picture

PADDY McGuinness accidentally pulled his tooth out while chewing on a toffee – and then showed it off in a gross picture.

The Celebrity Juice presenter revealed all about his unfortunate mishap in an amusing post on Instagram.

He admitted he suffered a series of unfortunate events on his journey home – including narrowly avoiding I'm A Celebrity's Kim Woodburn.

Paddy told fans: "So I get on the wrong train home from London Euston and ended up in Rugby? Got on another train to Stafford, seen Kim Woodburn on that one, she had dark glasses on so I thought best not say hello.

"Finally got on the right train and back to my car in Macclesfield. In the safety of my car I found a solitary chewy toffee.

"At last my luck had changed! Popped the little caramel delight in my mouth and subsequently pulled my f***in crown out!

"How’s your day been? #kickingamanwhenhesdown #London #Rugby #Stafford #Macclesfield #Dentist."

The 45-year-old dad to three-year-old Felicity and five-year-old twins Penelope and Leo has recently been recovering from a vasectomy.

He posted a video that went into graphic detail about the op as he recovered at home with a towel full of ice on his crotch.

Still wearing his hospital bracelet, Paddy said: “Patient McGuinness is home. Gentlemen, if you’re thinking about having a vasectomy and are a little bit reluctant, as I was, the initial anaesthetic, what they give you into the ol’ pippins, I’m not gonna lie, that’s tender.

“It made my eyes water a little bit.

“But after that, honestly, it’s a doddle. I’m currently resting up at home with a towel full of ice on the old nicky nacky noos. But I’ll keep you up to speed.”

Meanwhile his wife Christine, 31, had a holiday away from Paddy and the kids.

He married the former Miss Liverpool in 2011. She recently joined The Real Housewives of Cheshire after The Sun revealed footage of Paddy walking arm-in-arm with celeb pal Nicole Appleton on a London night out when Christine was 200 miles away at home.

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