'Ozark': Marty Will Confide in the Navarro's Priest in Season 4 Part 2

Ozark Season 4 returns to Netflix with part two on April 29. Ahead of the final episodes, Laura Linney, Jason Bateman, and showrunner Chris Mundy spoke at Deadline’s Contenders Television event on April 9. There, they teased a scene from the upcoming episodes.

Marty and Wendy’s relationship has been put to the test, what with money laundering for the Navarro cartel. But through all of that and Wendy’s infidelity, the Byrdes have managed to stay married.

During the Deadline panel, the cast alluded to a conversation Marty will have with the Navarro family’s priest regarding his relationship with Wendy. Find out what to expect in the final episodes of Ozark.

Jason Bateman says the Byrde family isn’t ‘at the place they thought they would be’ in the second half of season 4

From the beginning of Ozark, Marty Byrde has made decisions he thought would benefit his family. As Bateman revealed during the Deadline panel, Marty isn’t in an ideal position in the second half of season 4. 

“I don’t think he or the family are at the place they thought they would be,” Bateman said, teasing what’s to come for the fictional money laundering wealth manager. Based on the footage in the trailer for season 4 part two, it seems like Marty may never get to the place he thought he would, wherever that might be. 

Marty confides in the Navarro’s priest in ‘Ozark’ Season 4 Part 2 

Another question asked of the Ozark cast during the Deadline event was about Marty and Wendy’s relationship. Are they still in love with one another? 

“Whether it’s comfortable or not, [they get to know each other in ways that] didn’t exist before,” the Ozark star said. “So there is a real deepening of the relationship.” What that means for the Byrdes’ marriage in the second half of the final season remains unclear. 

New episodes come out on April 29. Catch up on the previous seasons of Ozark on Netflix. 

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