OutDaughtered exclusive clip: The Busbys get ready for a Disney cruise

OutDaughtered is back with a brand new episode tonight. The Busby family is never short on action or fun, and this time, there is a lot of both to go around!

Adam and Danielle Busby are taking the quints and Blayke on a Disney Cruise. They are getting ready to leave for vacation in this exclusive clip and everyone is running on high energy.

The Busbys aren’t the only ones going, though. In total, they are a group of 26!

Along for the ride will be Danielle Busby’s two sisters and their families, Adam Busby’s parents, two babysitters, and Mimi. After they land in Florida and get ready to head on the boat, Adam’s sister and her family will join them.

The girls are excited to meet their favorite characters. Hazel is most excited about seeing Mickey as Adam asks her who she wants to meet.

Danielle is busy twinning with her sister who showed up at her house wearing an almost identical outfit. Good style is in the genes, huh?

After the last couple of months of ups and downs for the Busby family, this Disney cruise is exactly what they need. The stresses of the mold in the house, finding a rental, and all of the holidays clustered at once was enough to drive anyone a little batty.

Now, they will be able to enjoy a little time away with family.

OutDaughtered airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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