Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen opens up on plans for future ‘Full of hope’

Amanda Owen reveals how she feels about the new year

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Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen joined naturist Alan Titchmarsh last Sunday for a new episode of Love Your Weekend on ITV. Speaking about bringing in the new year, Amanda revealed she was “full of hope” to see what the new year was going to bring for herself and her family on her farm in Ravenseat.

After introducing Amanda to the show, Alan asked: “This stage is the very beginning of the year when you’re looking forward to the year.

“I mean, how do you feel about 2022? I’m not talking about resolutions but just about optimism, positivity.”

Amanda agreed and explained: “Absolutely, I do feel that we have been through over the last couple of years has kind of bought to the forefront what I suppose what we feel like we champion.

“It’s that what we’ve got on our doorstep and that new sort of newfound appreciation of what you can actually do from it.

“Not just putting on your plate but the whole experience of being in the outdoors, countryside and mindfulness, mental health at the end of the day.

“We’re feeding our minds and our bodies together, so yeah, I think it’s full of positivity and hope definitely.”

Our Yorkshire Farm gives Channel 5 viewers an insight to Amanda Owen’s countryside life on Ravenseat Farm.

The Shepherdess lives with her husband Clive and their nine children, who are often filmed helping with the animals and farming.

Speaking to Alan, Amanda also touched on how she wants to “hand over control” to her children in the kitchen, giving them life lessons for when they’re older.

Alan mentioned to Amanda how impressed he was that she was still cooking for her nine children and asked about how she keeps up with the demand.

Laughing at Alan’s shock, she replied: “Well yes, but the beauty of the book is that all the recipes I’ve put in there are incredibly forgiving.

“I would say, ‘Yes, that would be ideal if you put it in the oven for 40 minutes, but if you get completely distracted and come back two hours later, hopefully, it’s not completely incinerated’.

“I don’t do all the cooking myself, the whole idea is that I’m a little bit lazy, and I kind of like to hand over some control to the children.

“So, the idea is that they take an active part in what goes on with the farm and with regards to catering. 

“In other words, they are learning how to cook, and that’s a good life lesson.”

Whilst speaking to Alan, Amanda also touched on her love for the countryside but admitted that at times it has been rough.

“It can be difficult, there are no two ways about it. You have to take the rough with the smooth.

“You put yourself out there, and you pretty much can’t claw it back, I suppose.”

Amanda’s nine children will be the next generation to take control of the farm from herself and Clive, wither viewers often seeing them muck in and take the reins from their parents.

Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh airs Sunday’s at 10am on ITV. All episodes are available for catch up on the ITV Hub. 

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