Our Flag Means Death season 2: Will there be another series of OFMD?

Our Flag Means Death: HBO Max trailer stars Rhys Darby

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Our Flag Means Death is a refreshing and hilarious take on the Golden Age of Piracy. The show, created by David Jenkins, is a romantic comedy set in the 18th century following a hapless group of misfits sailing the seven seas on various misadventures.

Will there be another series of Our Flag Means Death?

Yes, is the short answer. After much anticipation from fans, it was confirmed Our Flag Means Death would be returning for a second outing.

The news was announced this month with a post appearing on the show’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts and the caption: “Season 2 is officially setting sail. #OurFlagMeansDeath.”

Season two’s renewal coincides with Pride Month with the show receiving high praise for its LGBTQ+ representation.

In a statement, Jenkins said: “We felt the show was special while we were making it, but fans’ open-armed embrace of the inhabitants of the Revenge makes heading into a second season all the more sweet.

“Thanks to our team at HBO Max, our invested executive producers, and our wildly enthusiastic audience for making another voyage to this world possible.”

While HBO’s head of original content Sarah Aubrey said: “We are so happy to bring this truly one of a kind series back!

“We congratulate David, Taika [Waititi], Rhys [Darby] and the entire talented cast and crew, and thank the show’s fans for embracing it wholeheartedly.”

There’s been no word when the show is going to be back on screens but fans could see more in 2023, depending on when the show goes into production.

Season one arrived on HBO Max in America and NOW in the UK in March, 2022 with 10 episodes in total. The second outing is expected to have a similar number of instalments.

Our Flag Means Death is very loosely based on the real-life adventures of aristocrat and aspiring pirate Stede Bonnet (played by Darby).

In the show, Stede trades in the genteel, finer things in life for swashbuckling adventures on the high seas as a buccaneer.

Stede captains the ship Revenge, attempting to command the respect of his potentially mutinous crew.

However, his run-in with the legendary Captain Blackbeard/Ed Teach (Waititi) changes everything with an unlikely friendship blossoming into love.

The couple will be trying to keep their romance alive as they face enemies and the threat of being captured.

Season one finished on an epic cliffhanger with Stede and Ed at odds after the former tried to return to his life as a gentleman, only to find himself unable to forget his love.

Stede made the decision to return to Revenge and Ed, but in his absence Ed returned to his old, infamous pirating ways to contend with heartache. Whether the couple can ever get back together remains to be seen and will be addressed in season two.

The show’s large ensemble cast is expected to return with Darby reprising his role as Stede and Waititi as Ed.

Other cast members anticipated to be coming back are Nathan Foad, Samson Kayo, Vico Ortiz, Ewen Bremner, Joel Fry, Matt Maher, Kristian Nairn, Con O’Neill, Guz Khan, David Fane, Rory Kinnear, Samba Schutte, Nat Faxon, Fred Armisen and Leslie Jones.

Season two is highly likely to feature some new cast members as the story expands and more pirates are brought into the fray.

Our Flag Means Death has received critical acclaim with a certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has built up a huge online fanbase.

Our Flag Means Death is streaming on Now in the UK and HBO Max in the US

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