Noel Edmonds reveals who upset girls by breaking I’m A Celebrity toilet rules

Noel Edmonds has revealed that one of his fellow campmates upset the girls by breaking a crucial camp rule.

The 69-year-old, who was the first person to be evicted from this year’s camp, told us that one naughty boy would not play by the dunny rules.

The Deal or No Deal host confessed that Malique Thompson-Dwyer did not get the hang of the toilet etiquette.

Noel admitted it got so bad that he was forced to introduce a new rule into camp to settle any disputes.

He made his fellow campmates slam down the outer lid so that everyone in the valley could hear.

Noel said: "The dunny is appalling, it’s disgusting. It’s very dark in there, some people don’t put the lid down, which was upsetting the girls.

"So I introduced a rule that you had to slam the outer lid and the seat together so everyone in the valley would hear you that the guys were shutting the seat down.

"But Mal still wasn’t putting the seat down, that was the only rule."

Noel surprised himself in the camp and soon became used to the disgusting aspects of jungle life.

He said: "I was surprised at how quick my inhibitions went. If six months ago you’d have said that I would have been happy on national TV to just have a shower in my boxers I would have just said, ‘No way, I’m not going there.’

"But very quickly it’s the only way you’re going to have a shower."

On tonight’s show, viewers saw Hollyoaks star Malique and X Factor singer Fleur East struggling to empty the disgusting dunny.

Fleur and Malique did a conga up to the dunny as they prepared to empty it.

Fleur said: “Oh that really smells. That is disgusting, hold your breath.”

Malique added: “Dunny duty is the worst job you can have, it absolutely stunk.”

The pair reeled with the stench as they moved the dunny, trying very carefully not to spill any liquid.

I’m A Celebrity airs tonight on ITV at 9pm

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