‘Never seen anything like it’ The Repair Shop’s Geoff Harvey struggles to fix slot machine

The Repair Shop: Jay gets emotional at guest's reaction

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During Wednesday’s episode of The Repair Shop, viewers saw Geoff Harvey try to bring back to life one client’s fruit machine that he has had for over 50 years. Although when he examined the extent of work that needed to be done, Geoff was stunned at how jammed the handle was.

Tim McCann entered The Repair Shop to see his much-loved childhood toy restored to its former glory.
Giving some background information on the machine, he told Geoff the fruit machine was given to him by his “character” of a grandfather at the age of 10.
Calling it the “best thing ever” he told the experts his grandfather sadly died shortly after he received the gift which was partly the reason he wanted it to get fixed.
He explained his own children had played with it growing up and now he has a grandchild of his own, he wants to teach him how to use the machine.

Telling Tim they would try their best to fix the family heirloom, Geoff set off to work and inspected the extent of what needed to be done.
Trying to pull down the handle in the workshop, Geoff said: “This is the most jammed fruit machine handle I’ve ever seen in my life, to be honest.”
He informed people that machines like the one he was restoring needed to be used and when they are not, they can deteriorate rapidly.
Looking at the damage on the inside, he confirmed nothing was working and stated the mechanism needed to be cleaned and degreased.

After getting the inside mechanics to work, Geoff was then tasked with trying to solve the issue on the jammed handle.
Taking it apart from the machine, he said: “Now this should turn quite easily, and it’s not.
“I’ve never seen anything like it
“It’s like it’s been welded together, so I need to stick it in a vice and a little bashing about hopefully should do it.”

After spending time on the vintage slot machine, it was time for Tim to then come back to the Repair Shop to see if Geoff had managed to restore the item.
Before it was unveiled, he told Jay and Geoff he was nervously excited to be reunited with the item as he questioned how they’d be able to fix it.
However, once he saw the machine he let out a large sigh as he called it “amazing” before asking if it worked as it used to when he was growing up.
Putting in some tokens, the slot machine started to whirl before landing on the same fruits leaving Tim thrilled as he said: “I’ve won!”

Amazed that it was working, he had two more goes and was overjoyed as he won both times.
Commenting on the coincidence, Jay asked Geoff: “Is that fixed?”
To which Tim replied: “No, I think it recognises its master.”
The Repair Shop continues next Wednesday on BBC One at 8pm.

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