Neighbours theory: Terese Willis and Paul Robinson renew vows before leaving Ramsay Street

Neighbours stars reveal they are going on 'Farewell' tour in UK

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Terese (played by Rebekah Elmaloglou) has been enjoying a romance with Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) in recent months on Neighbours, the brother of her estranged husband, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis). After discovering his brother and estranged wife were together, the ruthless businessman wanted revenge but with some family dramas taking place recently, his priorities have changed and he is now putting his marriage behind him. However, as the Channel 5 soap is set to end next week, he could end up leaving Ramsay Street with his betrothed firmly back on his arm.

The drama concludes in the final set of episodes as Terese is preparing to leave Erinsborough with her new lover, Glen.

They will have decided to buy River Bend, which was the place where Glen’s long-lost daughter Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) grew up.

Terese and Glen think this will allow them to make a new start with their lives away from the memories of the past on Ramsay Street.

At the same time, Paul is planning to move abroad, too, as he is making plans to go and live in New York with the rest of the Robinsons.

As the estranged husband and wife look back on their time together as they pack up their things, it seems they are thrown into each other’s lives once more.

This comes as Terese makes a discovery, leading her to become overwhelmed with emotions as she tries to figure out what this means.

Glen feels he is going to have to take whatever comes his way following this revelation but he soon begins to feel second best to Paul.

As Terese and her estranged husband spend more time together, with Paul getting allegiance from his wife, Glen realises there could still be feelings there.

With the final two episodes being put together for a feature-length finale, it seems the husband and wife could be on their way toward a reunion.

When it seems they could get involved in the wedding celebrations of Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Maloney) and Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden), they could decide they want to make things official again.

It’s going to be very happy

Stefan Dennis

Asking Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) to be a celebrant for them, they could have a private ceremony as the rest of Ramsay Street goes to celebrate Mr and Mrs Rebecchi.

This could solidify their marriage and make Paul realise that after countless failed marriages, Terese was always going to be the one for him.

With the show ending, viewers would never know if the couple split up again or if they remained man and wife for the rest of their days.

However, it seems it will end with a happy ending for them as the actor who plays Paul, Stefan has explained it’s going to be a big celebration.

The soap star said: “The only tiny snippet I can give you is, it’s not going to be sad. It’s going to be very happy.”

Stefan continued: “Neighbours is going to go out with a really good bang. It’s going to go out with a feel-good ending.

“I personally believe the show deserves that.

“It’s bad enough that it’s been cut short, so, let’s dignify it with the ending that it deserves, let’s make everybody feel really good about the show, and what it’s done over nearly four decades.”

Discussing the legacy of his character and the Robinson family, Stefan added: “Without sounding like I’m putting tickets on myself, I think a lot of that legendary status is due to the fact that Paul Robinson has kept it all going, kept the Robinson legacy going for so long.

“If you look at him now, he is the patriarchal figure of the Robinson clan, and I guess followed by Lucy, Lucy is almost the matriarchal side of the Robinsons now.

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The soap star continued: “So, it’s the legacy of those children that have kept it going because it was just an ordinary family.

“And then it became more and more and more powerful with what the siblings did over the years. They turned the Robinsons into a force to be reckoned with.”

Discussing what it was like to get the news the show was ending, Stefan said: “Even after we got the news, officially, we were still like, ‘Oh no, maybe it will get saved at the last minute.’

“But no, no, no, it’s well and truly sunk in now. The truth is it is a big shock to everybody. But the other truth is, we’ve also got over that shock.

“Now we’re moving on and deciding what we’re going to do post Neighbours if you like, and in the meantime, we just want to make sure that we see the show off in style, give it the ending it deserves and the fans will be happy with.”

Asked if he thinks he has changed as a person because of the show, Stefan explained: “Yes, I think so.

“I think it’d be unfair to say it didn’t, simply because of the fundamental thing that I’ve grown and matured just as my character and the show has, because of the amount of time it’s been around.

“Take, for example, the character I play, Paul, I’ve actually seen that character develop and grow over a course of four decades.

“But also, I think it’s taught me a lot of things about the industry, certainly, and how to handle certain things within the industry, hopefully, what to avoid in the industry, too!”

Will his character finally get his happy ending?

Neighbours airs weeknights at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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