Neighbours boss confirms plans for a shock siege on Ramsay Street

Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison has confirmed plans for a shock siege on Ramsay Street.

The Australian soap has moved up from G to PG rated, and Jason has now told The Daily Telegraph Confidential that the rating change will allow Neighbours to capture younger audiences, who are becoming more mature.

“We are really putting our foot on the drama pedal,” he explained. “Whereas before we might have told stories in a more gentle way, now we are accelerating things.

“We have a great storyline coming up where there’s a siege,” he added.

Promising that the show will still be “family friendly”, he added: “Young people are exposed to so much more now so we are kind of now catching up with that and being a little more adventurous and more contemporary in storytelling.”

Jason continued: “Diversity is really important to us. I don’t see that as a G or PG issue. We have had gay characters on the show consistently in the regular cast since 2010 and we also have a culturally diverse cast.

“We have to be inclusive, we have to represent our audience, our audience come in all shapes and sizes.” Meanwhile, Neighbours has announced plans to kill off a fan favourite this summer – aka winter for UK viewers.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 12.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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