Naked Attraction star is terrified he’ll ‘literally suffocate’ under big boobs

Naked Attraction's Jaison admits he is terrified he'll literally suffocate under large boobs

The digital marketeer appeared on the Channel 4 dating show in search for a perfect partner but now he has admitted that although he may have found his Mrs Right, he also is afraid of large parts of one's anatomy.

The racy programme hosted by Anna Richardson shows singleton's strip off their clothes in a bid to find love.

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Jaison appeared as part of the LGBTQ special edition of the programme, airing as part of Channel 4's selection of shows to celebrate Pride Month.

In this instalment, the risque show harked back to some of the most memorable segments that featured individuals from the community who've sashayed into the studio and revealed all in the pods.

Jaison, 29, harking from Norwich is trans, revealing he transitioned at the age of 20, realising he was a man in a woman's body.

He went on the show in search of the perfect lady, previously despairing at Norwich's small pool of single ladies.

He said: "I think I'm single because Norwich is a tiny place that there aren't a lot of single ladies. People are put off once they find out I am a trans man… There will be no hiding, people will see me for me."

When he eventually made it under the studio lights, host Anna Richardson, 51, straight away enquired why he wanted to go all out and date naked.

"At least if everybody see's whats there to begin with, then there isn't any issues down the road", the 29 year old giggled as he chatted to the presenter.

Although the pods are meant to contain features that the contestant would find attractive, Jaison appeared overwhelmed by some of the attributes that were on display.

When choosing between different body shapes, he exclaimed to the host: "I've got an irrational fear that I may suffocate if someone's boobs are too big."

However the 29 year-old seemed to move past this, choosing to take out raven haired Becky, who Jaison admitted he wanted to "cuddle all night long."

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The special edition of the episode also featured former Big Brother star Lauren Harries who famously bared all on the show.

The 44 year-old star previously explained: "“It’s the most popular show I’ve ever done and I am the only celebrity to go on it."

The transgender star has her own official website and OnlyFans Account where she added: “No other star is brave enough. They have tried but they just cannot do it. Can you see Holly Willoughby on there?

"I did Naked Attraction to show how people like me can be accepted. And I think I succeeded."


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