Naked Attraction fans call for show to be ‘taken off-air’ over explicit nudity

Naked Attraction has been shocking and dividing viewers since its 2016 inception, as it sees contestants pick a date based on their body parts.

However, a recent compilation episode of the series, which combined the raciest scenes to date, proved a little too overwhelming for some viewers.

One scene showed a couple snogging and embracing in a hotel room, while another saw a woman enthusiastically lick cream off a fellow contestant's naked body.

Elsewhere, the contestants' various piercings on their genitals left some Channel 4 viewers squirming.

Over on Twitter, certain viewers were baffled by the explicit content that had been rolled out on their tellies and called for the show to be taken off air.

One wrote: "Why on earth is Naked Attraction a thing? Honestly I'm sex positive but someone needs to cancel this s***."

"These Naked shows and the like should be taken off air…" added a second.

A third exclaimed: "Still cannot believe #NakedAttraction got commissioned!"

However, others were delighted by the refreshing sex-positive stance the show takes and revelled in watching the reveals play out.

Hosted by Anna Richardson, Naked Attraction is already on its eighth series, though the show hasn't been without controversy over the years.

In 2017, Ofcom looked into whether the show should be taken off air following a slew of complaints from angry Channel 4 viewers.

47 different viewers contacted the watchdog to air their grievances about the "nudity, sexual discussion and the exploitative nature of the programme".

Deciding against investigating the programme, the watchdog found the content was "justified in the context" of the show.

While the show features nudity, there is no sexual activity carried out in the programme, and it airs past the watershed at 10pm.

A spokeswoman said at the time: "We carefully considered complaints about this programme. We found that the material was justified by the context of the programme, which is aimed at an adult audience and attempts to explore the nature of physical attraction.

"It was scheduled appropriately and clear warnings were given prior to broadcast."

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