Naked Attraction contestant gets ‘aroused’ in awkward moment

Naked Attraction official trailer

Naked Attraction was a little more awkward than usual as one of the men got “aroused” during the final stage of the episode.  

Presenter Anna Richardson returned to the controversial Channel 4 dating show, which sees singletons try to find love by choosing someone when they’re completely naked. 

This time around, it was 27-year-old Kelly’s turn to analyse the lower halves of both men’s and women’s bodies. 

With some help from Anna, Kelly eventually came to her final decision, choosing to take contestant Adam on a date.

But viewers couldn’t help but point out Adam seemed to get a little turned on at the prospect of going on a date.

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Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one viewer questioned “Was…was that a semi?” 

Another laughed: “He’s got a full on semi going on. I’m dying.” 

“Wonder how many times they had to stop filming when the angle of his semi changed too much”, a third questioned. 

While another joked: “Must be so hard (pardon the pun) to keep it down.”

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But it does seem things were going well between Kelly and Adam following their initial date. 

A few months later, Naked Attraction caught up with the pair who said they were still dating. 

This is far from the first time there has been an embarrassing incident on the show though. 

Richardson previously explained a contestant had to be “escorted” off by the floor manager for getting aroused during filming. 

She joked: “Boys being boys – you can’t control your anatomy, can you? So, there’s been a little bit of excitement.”

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But not everyone has been as thrilled to see others naked as Brian, 23, admitted he had a fear of sex while on the show. 

And when it came to revealing his line-up of naked women, Brian said: “I need a moment” and could be heard saying it was a bit much for him to handle. 

He told Anna: “It is overwhelming, perhaps in a good way. I needed this, but it just needs to sink in.”

Naked Attraction is available to watch on All4.

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