Naked Attraction bodybuilder ‘tricked into doing show’ and didn’t send own form

Naked Attraction star Tansel Adacan has revealed how his application form ended up in the hands of Channel 4 producers – and it was not down to his own doing.

The 34-year-old 3 Kingdoms Group businessman, had no idea he would be appearing on the wacky programme until his phone was buzzing from interested organisers.

At the time of their call, Tansel was left in shock but instead decided to roll with it because thats the kind of down-to-earth and likeable chap he is.

As it turned out, Tansel had been set-up by his best friend Steve Sharpe – who had found the situation rather hilarious at the time.

Unbeknown to Steve, the ex-fashion entrepreneur was actually more than willing to go through with the audition phase and was on the show "with his penis out" within a weeks time.

Speaking about having his time over on the programme again, the proud Turkish Cypriot who was born in Lambeth told us: "I'd probably be more bold and just not hold back because it can be daunting."

The bodybuilder added: "I'd probably actually tell my mate… because it was my best friend who actually applied for me."

Continuing with the story, he went on: "Basically he applied for me without me knowing and the next thing I get a call from him [Steve] 'by the way that's a call from Naked Attraction they want to talk to you, now'.

"I was like 'what the hell' but spoke to them any way and within a week I'm in the studio with my penis out."

Laughing about the situation Tansel recalled: "I was like 'you b*****d' but I'm a very easy going guy and i've never really been afraid of things but this was really pushing it."

In spite of being put in a nerving position, Tansel revealed that his now business partner Steve was never doubtful that he would not be a good sport and the pair in spite of the stitch up are very much great friends still to this day.

In fact, the buddies even went into partnership and opened up a business adventure the 3 Kingdoms Group – a preeminent platform in the entertainment and sports industry for NFT creation.

Last time we caught up with Tansel, he confessed to Daily Star that he'd once been offered a huge sum of cash to sleep with a woman in front of her husband – this following his appearance on Naked Attraction.

He said: "One lady offered £15k, I first thought it was some sort of joke at first but she kept sending me stories and really pursuing it.

"She asked if I could come to the Corinthia Hotel and sleep with her in front of her husband to make him jealous."

The television personality added: "She was really pushing for it and saying 'that's what he wants as well' so I think it must have been some kind of fetish thing going on."

While Channel 4 star had at first been "flattered" by the message, the fitness enthusiast – who is now single – confirmed that he had no intention of ever pursuing sex with a stranger in exchange for cash.

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