Mummies Unwrapped exclusive interview: Ramy Romany on ‘rewriting history’

In the field of Egyptology and archaeology, explorer Ramy Romany is a youngster. However, his youthful and sincere enthusiasm is coupled with an intense CV that also reveals his leg up, so to speak, in diving into the world of filming artifacts, archaeological sites and narrating televised specials on all things antiquities of the old world of Egypt and beyond.

Discovery has tapped into Romany’s wide expanse of knowledge in this arena, and now he is the star of the all-new Discovery Channel series, Mummies Unwrapped.

In this compelling series we see Ramy travel far and wide in an exploration of ancient burial sites and vastly different cultures from the past. Of his new series, Romany says: “I go across the globe to investigate secrets and myths of the most fascinating burial sites, mass graves and ancient tombs on Earth.”

Romany expertly narrates and guides viewers on a journey few would ever get a chance to see as he investigates cryptic clues and well-hidden secrets across the globe while attempting to get to what happened and why.

Romany is known as a world-renowned Egyptologist. Sharp-eyed fans also know he is featured on the series Ancient Aliens as an expert as well:



M&C: I know that Josh Gates, when I interviewed him, had mentioned working with you. Will you be working at all with Josh on his project with his show or any further Egyptian live event? Will you be working or be part of his team and kind of co-mingling your expertise?

Ramy Romany: I am sure, not this season, but I’m sure in the next season Expedition Unknown or Mummies Unwrapped we will have some things to work together with. Josh is a good friend of mine.

We have met actually today, April 10 is our 10 year anniversary. I met Josh 10 years ago in the Cairo airport to help him with an episode of Destination Truth and we spent our first night together 10 years ago inside King Tut’s tomb. So Josh is really close to my heart. He introduced me to my wife back then 10 years ago.

And I hope that within the next season we find a way to work together to solve one of these mysteries.

Mummies Unwrapped airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET/PT following Expedition Unknown at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery.

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