Money Heist plot hole: Fans expose huge flaw in Rio’s capture in season 3 opener

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The first two seasons of Money Heist, AKA La Casa De Papel, kept Netflix viewers on the edge of their seats as The Professor (played by Alvaro Morte) and his team of savvy criminals managed to overcome obstacle after obstacle to rob the Royal Mint of millions of Euros. By the end of the second run, The Professor and the rest of his gang had fled to different corners of the world enjoying their new lives of luxury. However, a slip-up by Rio (Miguel Herrán) put everyone’s freedom at risk.

Rio and the love of his life and fellow criminal Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) had made it to Guna Yala, Panama, living a life of paradise on an isolated island.

The two had enoyed weeks of partying, sex, sunshine and nights on the golden sand as they ditched the hustle and bustle of Spain with their millions.

However, the quiet life wasn’t Tokyo’s endgame who decided she need to return to the bright lights of a city, prompting Rio to hand her a satelitte phone in order for them to stay in touch.

What ensued soon after was a mistake which landed Rio in prison – but an eagle-eyed fan is convinced there’s a huge plot hole in his capture.


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The satelite phones Rio had purchased turned out not to be as secure as he suspected, despite the fact they were supposedly unregistered.

Of course, in true Money Heist style, drama wasn’t too far away as Interpol soon caught wind of their calls.

With Rio still on the island and Tokyo partying on the streets of Panama, it didn’t take long for the authorities too be alerted and descend on the duo.

But it’s this speed of the police which is questionable to say the least.

Taking to Reddit, Money Heist fan named batman607 explained: “The first few minutes [of season three] make absolutely no sense.

“They intercepted a call in literally 3-4 seconds and police showed up in another 2-3 minutes fully armed with a game plan. Zero meetings. Zero confirmation that this individual was indeed the one they seek.

“Zero reconnaissance of the island to identify the dangers of the environment, if they were guarded, protected, how many numbers etc. even if they decided to jump out of their seats the moment a random phone call appeared (out of the billions of calls made around the world) it should have taken 12 – 16 hours to get to him.

“I’ll let the reconnaissance one slide because this isn’t a navy seal movie and i know these shows arent technical – but still.”

It certainly does seem unlikely that authorities would be able to react in the way they did – opening up a rather glaring plot hole.

After all, just moments after Rio hangs up on Tokyo, two speedboats with dozens of policemen end up speeding towards the island.

Rio ends up toying with the idea of blowing them away with a rocket launcher he has to hand but decides against it.

Tokyo, on the other hand, manages to outsmart the heavily armed police by attaching the satelite phone to a dog, sending them down the wrong path.

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Should Rio’s capture have gone like it did in the season three opener?

Surely he and Tokyo should’ve had more time after their phone call to become aware they’d been sussed by Interpol.

And if so, perhaps The Professor wouldn’t have reunited the gang to try and free him.

Money Heist is available to stream on Netflix now.

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