Milo Ventimiglia Says 'This Is Us' May Not End with Season 6 After All, Ruins Ellen's Prank with Kindness

The “This Is Us” family patriarch also reminisces about his first paid acting gig on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and performs a bit of the intro song.

Milo Ventimiglia is more than just a super-dad on television, the "This is Us" star may just be one of the nicest and most patient people in Hollywood.

The actor dropped by "Ellen" on Thursday to talk about his hit series, as well as addressing those reports that the show will end after its sixth season. And then Ellen revealed how hard she and her staff tried to prank him, but he simply out-niced their best efforts.

Creator Dan Fogelman and showrunner Isaac Aptaker recently told Deadline that there were already plans in place for a grand finale "about three seasons in the future." This led many fans to speculate that they were saying the show will definitely end after Season 6, as its currently airing its third.

"We never where we’re going to go, we never know what’s going to happen," Milo admitted to Ellen. "The show could have a huge spike Season 6 and everybody wants more beyond that. But I think creatively they have an idea of what they’d like to do to kind of wrap it up in this nice story."

As far as he’s concerned, the news should be taken as good news for at least one big reason. "The fans know they’re going to get three more seasons, which is nice to commit a little more," he said. "It’s not like, will it be on, won’t it be on?"

But will that be it? "Beyond that, could be there will be more, I don’t know." Honestly, just because the creators have an endpoint in mind doesn’t mean they’re going to lock themselves into ending on that date.

The show has already proven itself flexible to new story arcs, characters and developments, so they could find a way to punt that ending down the road a bit should demand and creative both allow it.

And honestly, there have been far too many popular shows that have outstayed their welcome, dragging on simply because they’re making money hand over fist. There’s something to be said about knowing when your story is done and having the courage to end it, no matter what the bean counters say.

Perhaps part of what keeps Milo so humble and kind is that he remembers how inauspiciously he started, with a speaking line in one episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." The actor had no name, but he did tell everyone to chill out and relax.

And yes, he remembers the line exactly to this day. Another thing he remembers is the show’s iconic theme song, and he was more than happy to throw down a few lines of it for Ellen’s audience. Never forget where you came from and you’ll never forget who you are.

You Can’t Prank the Sweetest Man in Hollywood

Elsewhere in the show, Ellen couldn’t help but share how horribly wrong her attempt to prank Milo went. The goal was to frustrate and annoy him with a fake new page who would just be way too overly attentive. "I had plans to do some crazy things," Ellen said.

But while things may not have gone according to plan, there’s no denying that the end result was still incredibly funny. Ellen’s fake page entered Milo’s dressing room with water and then just started babbling about how excited shew was to meet celebrities and gushing about how handsome he was.

But rather than get annoyed with her outwardly — we imagine he was getting at least a little annoyed on the inside — he very politely ushered her to the door assuring her that everything was fine. After the second time she knocked, he started looking for hidden cameras. By the third time, he kindly let her in and made his own exit.

All of this with no complaining, and when Ellen came in to chastise the page for bothering him, Milo stood up for her like a champ. "She’s doing a great job. She’s very thorough," he told Ellen.

The entire bit is absolutely precious and only further cements Milo’s status as one of the nicest people in Hollywood. He plays the sweetest man in the world on television, and it looks like that may not be far from the truth.

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