Milo Ventimiglia Gets Emotional On ‘The View’ Talking About His Wonderful Dad Who Was His Inspiration On ‘This Is Us’

Milo Ventimiglia got emotional during an appearance on The View as he recalled his parents and the inspiration behind his role on This Is Us.

“My dad is wonderful… my mom and dad… I get emotional,” he said as he got choked up. “My mom and dad are wonderful people. My father and Jack Pearson were of the same era, both born in the 40s, both Vietnam vets.

“And I saw in Jack the way that I…,” Ventimiglia stopped as he got teary-eyed. “It always happens.”

He continued, “I see in Jack the way my father was with my sisters and I, just wonderful. So thank you.”

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The actor said that when he interpreted his role as Jack on the NBC drama series, it was his own father that he had in mind.

“What I also saw though was an opportunity with the way he was to just kind of be a version of my dad and the big three were actually me,” he added. “So I think anything that I was doing was just looking up to my dad. In my trailer, I had a photo of my dad and I of when I was a little kid and it said, ‘Be a good husband. Be a good father.’ And I was like, just look at that every day and you’re there.”

Ventimiglia went on to describe his This is Us character as “an attainable superhero” as “he’s a great example of a man, great example of a husband, of a father who was flawed, absolutely had his flaws but he was someone, anyone, man, woman, child, old, young, any background from anywhere, you could aspire to be like him.”

Watch Ventimiglia’s interview in the video posted below.

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