Michael Barrymore sparks concern as he forgets ITV presenters in car crash chat

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    This Morning fans were quick to share their concerns as legendary presenter Michael Barrymore accidentally "forgot" who was interviewing him on the show.

    During Thursday’s visit (August 3) to the ITV daytime show, Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson welcomed viewers back with an epic line-up of segments in store on the show.

    Throughout the show, the presenting duo discussed some of the biggest stories in the news including the rise of car theft, Lizzo’s latest scandal and morning makeovers with fashionista Gok Wan.

    Towards the end of the show, the pair welcomed the 71-year-old entertainer onto the show to promote his West End debut on the programme.

    But the show quickly derailed when the dad-of-six confessed he had "forgotten" who he was talking to and if he had ever met them before he came on set.

    After discussing his upcoming play on the West End, he was forced to check in with the presenting duo when he wasn't sure who he was talking to, asking: "I've never met you, you are you? I know the crew. I recognise that man. I don't know you."

    Craig laughed off the uncomfortable situation, joking: "I think you'd remember me with my accent."

    After struggling discuss his upcoming show, Josie went on to discuss his life in the limelight as a performer just moments before Michael was forced to halt after becoming emotional.

    He was seen wiping tears away as he reflected on his career as a TV presenter in the 80s and 90s where he shot to stardom while fronting beloved TV shows including Strike It Lucky and Kids Say The Funnies Things.

    He confessed: "Everybody has been through something – sorry I'm getting a bit emotional. Listen, we've got to be a bit nicer to people and when you've got a good team around you it's easy."

    Viewers soon flooded to the social media platform X – formerly known as Twitter – to share their concern online, as one user wrote: “Are those in authority at ITV going to call down to the studio studio to express concern with the slurring? #thismonring.”

    A second chipped in: "Good lord. Michael Barrymore on #thismorning it's a bit car crash."

    A third echoed: "Well that was proper car crash TV there with Michael Barrymore. The fact that he couldn't string a sentence together and is speech was so slurred, he was incoherent but it will be all brushed under the carpet unlike the way they treated Kerry Katona #ThisMorning."

    Meanwhile a fourth branded the interview a "car crash in slow motion" after watching the concerning segment hit the airwaves.

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