Meghan and Harry’s ‘titles will be removed’ after ‘provoking’ King

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Royal commentator Michael Cole reflected on the future of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry within the Royal Family ahead of the release of their Netflix docuseries and the Duke of Sussex’s book. Michael claimed the couple have “provoked” King Charles in an interview with Ann Diamond and Stephen Dixon on GB News.

Michael Cole told GB News: “Three months into the new reign, we can hardly say it’s been trouble-free. 

“They’ve had to endure ten parts from Netflix, series five of The Crown and now we’re going to get a six-part bombardment from grievance incorporated, the Sussex branch that is in California, a sniping from their hilltop fortress, inside this gated community.

“We don’t know yet whether it’s all going to be all sizzle or no sausage, we’ll have to see what they’re going to say. 

“But Netflix have invested millions in brand Sussex, Meghan and Harry, and there’ll be wanting to have a return on that huge investment.”

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“And if people tune in, and it’s just another lot of we’re right and they’re wrong, and I think people might get weary of this,” he continued.  

“In this world, two timezones away from where we’re sitting at the moment, there’s a terrible war going on and people don’t know wether they’re going to live or die tomorrow, and people are being murdered and raped.

“In this country, people are scared to turn on the heating, they’re sitting there in the cold because they don’t think they can pay the gas bill. 

“People are wondering how they’re going to get through this winter and if they have got a job, can they get to work because of the strikes and the eco-anarchists stopping the traffic?”

“These are real world problems and to have this going on, quite frankly, if people cannot respect themselves within their own royal family, I think the question will arise why should we respect them?”

Michael claimed: “And I think that’s something that ought to be worrying people and I’m quite sure the Queen consort and King Charles are concerned about this because it isn’t a very good look, is it?”

The royal commentator suggested Harry and Meghan could have their HRH titles taken away.

He said: “Diana only had to get divorced from Prince Charles as he then was, and she immediately lost her HRH honorific title.

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“The Duchess of Windsor was never given one, she was pointedly refused one which rankled with the Duke of Windsor all his life. 

“I think a lot will depend upon Prince Harry’s book which is due to be published in January.

“By the way, my wife noticed a couple of days ago that it was on sale or pre ordered at WH Smith at half price already.”

“So, it depends how many skeletons in the royal cupboard are shaken up by this book,” Michael remarked.

“But I think it’s entirely possible that the King will say enough is enough and remove the titles HRH from them, which he’s perfectly entitled to do.

“Now, this may seem also trivial but that is big medicine in royal circles where things like this matter very deeply and it would be a sign of disapproval.

“And my goodness, one can’t say that the Royal Family has not been provoked.”

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