'Mayans MC' Star Teases Another Huge 'Sons of Anarchy' Star Possibly Coming Back From the Dead

Mayans MC might be getting ready for another big Sons of Anarchy crossover. The spin-off is now in its second season, and Mayans MC star Michael Irby just shared a photo of himself posing with SOA alum Ron Perlman. Does this mean that Perlman will be reprising his role as Clay Morrow in the near future?

Irby teases huge ‘Sons of Anarchy’ crossover

Irby, who plays Obispo “Bishop” Losa on Mayans MC,posted the pic of Perlman on his Instagram account.

“And so it begins. Pleasure to meet to you brother,”Irby wrote alongside the pic.

The photo sparked rumors that Perlman might appear in a futureepisode of the spin-off, most likely in a flashback.

Although we would love to see Perlman reprise his villainousrole, it does not appear like that is in the cards. According to PopCulture, the actors did not pose together on the set of Mayans MCand had met prior to appearing at L.A. Comic-Con.

Also in attendance at the event were SOA alum Ryan Hurst, and Mayans MC stars Frankie Loyal, Richard Cabral, and Clayton Cardenas. The group appeared as part of a Sons and Mayans program.

Perlman was a part of the original series until season 6, when his character was finally killed off at the hands of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam). Although Perlman and Irby did not meet on the set of the spin-off, there is a chance that he could reprise his role in a future season.

Will Perlman come back as Clay Morrow on ‘Mayans MC’?

Because Perlman’s character died in the original series, the onlyway to bring him back is in the form of a flashback. Luckily, SOAcreator Kurt Sutter has been using flashbacks as a storytelling device in MayansMC, so there is definitely a chance that we could see Perlman return for ascene or two.

Katey Sagal, for example, returned as Gemma Teller last season ina flashback, despite her being killed off in the original show.

If that happens, however, Perlman’s role would likely be minimalas Sutter and co-creator Elgin James are only using SOA crossovers tosupplement the new series (and to get fans excited about potential cameos).

While we wait to see what happens with Perlman, there are other SOAcameos for fans to enjoy this season. This includes an appearance by DavidLabrava, who plays the part of Happy.

In fact, Happy has become a central figure this season as EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel (Cardenas) continue to hunt down whoever ordered the hit on their parents. Speaking of Happy, his return to Sutter’s biker universe offered an opportunity to pay tribute to a fallen character in Hurst’s Opie Winston — and fans absolutely loved it.

‘Mayans MC’ honors Opie’s memory

In a recent episode of Mayans MC, we found out that Happypaid tribute to Opie by naming his beloved pet dog after his fallen brother.

As fans will recall, Opie died in season 5 of SOA during abrutal prison scene. Jax and several other SAMCRO members were forced to watchOpie as he was beaten to death with a pipe.

Opie’s exit was a rough one for fans to stomach, and Sutter wasright there with them. A few years ago, Sutter opened up about the decision toend Opie’s storyline and revealed that it was one of the hardest choices he hasmade in television.

But at the end of the day, the Mayans MC creator did not want Opie to have to live and work alongside Clay, who ordered the hit on his wife and killed his father.

Fans, of course, loved that Happy named his dog after Opie andexpressed their excitement on social media. One fan even revealed that theynamed their dog after Opie years before Happy did.

It is unclear how many more SOA references Sutter has uphis sleeve, but fans are clearly loving any bit of crossover they can get.

Now if Hurst would agree to return for a quick flashback thenwe’d really be set.

Until then, fans can watch new episodes of Mayans MC everyTuesday night on FX.

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