Mary comes face to face with con artist ex Faye at court trial in Emmerdale spoilers

It is a big day for Emmerdale's Mary Goskirk as she faces the trial of her ex-partner Faye Helders.

Viewers will remember that Faye fleeced Mary for thousands of pounds claiming that she was helping a women's refuge.

Eventually, Mary worked out what Faye was doing, but it was too late for her to save her cash.

She was not arrested at first, but when she was, she denied all of the claims against her.

In a bid to get off, Faye blackmailed Mary warning her if she didn't retract her statement from the police, she would send an explicit image of her to all of her contacts.

Mary tried to get the better of Faye as she pretended to have gone to the police, but she got her arrested for blackmail instead.

Faye still sent the image, and it left Mary broken but bit by bit, she got her strength back, and now it is time for Faye to face the music.

In the episode, which is to air on Wednesday 16 August, Mary gets herself ready for the big day.

She puts on a brave face while she prepares for the trial at the cafe, but will she be able to keep her cool?

When she returns to the village, she is on a mission to prove that she has moved on from Faye.

Speaking to her daughter Rhona Goskirk and her partner Marlon Dingle, Mary calmly tells them that she has a date tomorrow.

Her news leaves Rhona and Marlon impressed, but is Mary really ready to move on?

Elsewhere in Emmerdale, Dan Spencer's sentencing is edging ever closer as he prepares to be sent to prison for a number of years for manslaughter.

As he wants to make the most of his final few days with his daughter Amelia Spencer, the pair decide to share a special day together.

How will Amelia cope when her dad is gone?

Despite Dan's sentencing, the Dingles celebrate Sam Dingle's birthday in the Woolpack.

For many years the family have struggled financially, and Sam's wife, Lydia, is working many hours at Home Farm cleaning.

However, she is dealt a blow on her husband's birthday, as Kim Tate refuses her more hours.

Her rejection leaves Lydia even more worried about her finances, and she decides she wants to take on a second job.

Will Lydia be able to find another job and cope with the extra workload?

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