Marshall comes out as gay to his friends with heartwarming reaction in Emmerdale

Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher) recently hit crisis point on Emmerdale when his grief about his mum on the anniversary of her death combined with his feelings of rejection from his father Colin (Mark Noble).

This led to Marshall downing the best part of a bottle of vodka in an attempt to deal with the pain and when Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) found him he was unconscious and had to be rushed to hospital.

This action finally brought his father to his bedside, but once again Colin revealed his nasty homophobic streak when he insisted that God would find a way to lead Marshall away from the ‘sin’ of being gay. In the wake of this Marshall made a brave decision.

He summoned Colin to Mulberry Cottage and in the presence of Laurel and Jai (Chris Bisson), who’ve looked after him since Laurel realised how badly Colin was treating him, he told Colin that he’s gay – and he’s happy about who he is.

He also said from now on his home was with Laurel and Jai, if they would have him.

They were happy to accept Marshall as a permanent part of the family and privately agreed they’d deal with any difficulties that might arise if Marshall and Arthur (Alfie Clarke)’s relationship developed into a romance if and when it happened.

Well, it’s happening now by the looks of things, as in Monday (May 1)’s episode Marshall told Arthur that he’d come out ‘fully’ to Colin and he celebrated this news by asking Arthur out.

As in ‘out out.’ Arthur was more than happy to accept, as ever since he came out himself he’s wanted to have a more than just friends relationship with Marshall but the other boy wasn’t ready.

‘It’s a date then,’ Marshall confirmed.

The only thing remaining for Marshall was to make a big coming out announcement to his friends and he soon got the opportunity when Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) asked him, Arthur, April (Amelia Flanagan) and Heath (Sebastian Dowling) to meet her in the cafe.

She wanted to tell them all that she was going to stay with her brother Scott in the Lake District.

Marshall had an announcement of his own.

‘Since we’re all sharing life updates, I’ve got some news of my own.’ Shyly smiling around at the group he said, ‘I’m gay.’

‘We kind of knew that,’ April smiled back, and Heath added, ‘I thought you were going to say something major.’

Cathy summed up the feeling of the group. ‘We’re all really happy for you,’ she said, and Marshall looked like all the weight had finally been lifted from his shoulders.

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