Married At First Sight UK fans worry about Franky ‘red flags’ after ‘heated’ row

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Married At First Sight UK fans have been expressing their concerns for Marilyse Corrigan, after she talked about a 'heated' row she had with Franky Spencer.

Fans lashed out on Twitter, calling Franky "controlling" and saying there were many "red flags" around his behaviour.

Marilyse was seen speaking to camera about an argument that went down ahead of their commitment ceremony.

One of the experts apologised to Franky for "getting off on the wrong foot" last week, after Franky became defensive.

Marilyse explained about the argument, and revealed she had stayed in a separate room because of Franky's "heated" behaviour.

Fans rushed to twitter to express their concern for the mum-of-two, and used lots of red flag emojis.

"Marilyse needs to leave, these red flags are just radiating from Franky. The way she silenced herself when Franky started to talk…." worried one.

"Hate to be that proper dramatic person but I really hope Marilyse is getting some kind of support from the show because something is not right and it's so clear to see" added another.

"Can we find out why Marilyse felt she had to stay in another room though after a heated discussion?" wondered one viewer.

Two of the other contestants, Morag and Luke, also challenged Franky over his behaviour.

They said they were trying to get to know the couple, but they "weren't letting them in" and staying very private after "years of failed relationships."

Franky answered back that it was to do with their age that they were entitled to remain private and slightly separate from the group.

Morag also questioned why Marilyse didn't open up in front of the experts to talk about any concerns she may have about Franky.

Earlier in the show, the mum-of-two expressed fears that she has to put her kids first, and felt she didn't really know Franky at all.

Despite their concerns, the couple decided to stay in the programme and to keep trying.

After the commitment ceremony, the pair were seen squabbling after Marilyse tried to be kind to Franky.

"Obviously I need to open up as well. It's not all just about Franky opening up to me," she said.

"Thank you for saying that, because that's quite a big issue," he replied.

"What's an issue?" his wife asked.

"You also opening up" the personal trainer answered.

"Why's that an issue?" demanded Marilyse.

Fans will have to wait and see if their relationship goes the distance.

Married At First Sight UK continues Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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