Male Strippers Urge Georgia Voters to 'Get Your Pole to the Poles' for Runoff Election (Video)

The extremely buff strippers, in case you’re curious, even got someone to impersonate Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Osoff

Swinging the Senate; A Get Out the Vote PSA from Axel Roldos on Vimeo.

A group of male strippers in Georgia are urging voters in their home state to “get their pole to the poles” — er, get out and vote — in the runoff elections that will decide which party controls the Senate.

In a hilariously cheeky ad posted to Vimeo last week, the strippers crooning “Hey, girl” and “Hey, bro,” worked their magic for the good of America.

Though the dancers — all of them scantily clad and some sporting patriotic neckerchiefs — didn’t explicitly tell viewers which way to vote, they did celebrate Georgia flipping to blue in the presidential election. They also noted the importance of Democratic causes like criminal justice reform and COVID relief, urging voters to “swing the Senate.”

The runoff elections, which take place when no candidate wins the majority of votes required to win, will take place on Jan. 5. The candidates on the ballot will be Republican David Perdue vs. Democrat John Ossoff in the regular Senate election runoff, and Republican Kelly Loeffler vs. Democrat Raphael Warnock in the special Senate election runoff.

“We get it, you’re tired of political ads. You’re tired of the mud-slinging. On January 5, it’s over,” the dancers said, reminding voters who plan to vote by mail to request a runoff ballot.

“So whether you lean to the left or you lean to the right, vote,” they continued. “Congress has been too deadlocked to pass any meaningful legislation. This race will decide if that continues.”

Then they brought on a man who looks a lot like Ossoff, but is definitely not him.

“I’m not John Ossoff,” the man said. “And I approve this message.”

Find more information about the Georgia runoff elections here,  and watch the hilarious ad above.

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Top-grossing holiday shock-fests that have inspired ho-ho-horror — before this month’s “Black Christmas” remake

A look at top-grossing holiday shock-fests that have inspired ho-ho-horror — including last year’s “Black Christmas” remake.

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