Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson lands in Australia for ITV’s I’m A Celeb

Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson is the latest celeb to land in Australia ahead of the new series of ITV's I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Sam touched down in Australia's Brisbane airport ahead of the new series of the jungle show.

He was dressed casually after his long-haul flight in a cream hoodie with a cap underneath, and a backpack on.

The 31-year-old is the fifth celebrity who has arrived at the airport and he was the most vocal about the challenges ahead.

Sam said: "I've never camped before in my life. Snakes and spiders? I'd be lying if I said I liked them, the smaller they are the worse they are.

"I had to jump out of a plane once and I cried. So that's a good start."

He went on to discuss his girlfriend, Strictly star Zara McDermott, who he said would not be missing him too much back in London.

With a grin he joked: "She's probably happy. She said she can't wait to starfish in the bed.

"But I should tell you, actually the very last thing she said to me was 'I can put the heating up as high as I want without you having a go at me'.

"I'm going to be honest with you mate, I do keep control of the heating. And she was like, I can't wait to have the run of the gaff and I was like oh man, that bill is going to be a beaut when I get home."

Asked about potentially winning the jungle show and being crowned king, he said: "The fact I'm even here, I feel like a competition winner so I don't even think I'm anywhere near that. Just to be here is great, I've got to be honest."

Sam touched down in Oz hours after First Dates star Fred Sirieix also landed.

Fred, 51, said: "I've been camping before, I love camping. But I will miss from home my bed and coffee in the morning."

Asked how he would cope with snakes and spiders he said: "I don't know really. I mean we'll see we have got a lot of big stuff in Australia."

The show is famed for its stomach-turning eating trials and Fred said: "I love frogs legs, witchetty grubs, why not?!

Asked if he would want to win any reality show he was on, Fred added: "You always want to win, this is going to be competitive y'know."

Other famous faces who have arrived in Australia for the show include Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, This Morning host Josie Gibson and social media influencer Nella Rose.

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