'Love It or List It': 1 Host Had a Role in 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'

HGTV’s Love It or List It has kept fans hooked since 2008 with its home makeovers that are beyond beautiful and have become ‘home goals’ for many viewers. Not to mention, hosts Hilary Farr and David Visentin bring a lot of character and humor to the show with their on-set chemistry and jokes. One of them, however, has ventured out into more than real estate and design. It goes to show that there’s always more to the celebrities we see on TV, and in some cases, that means incredibly cool appearances on a cult classic like Rocky Horror Picture Show.

‘Love It or List It’ and Hilary Farr

Since 2008, Farr has hosted and designed alongside Visentin on Love It or List It. Her interior designing skills are out of this world on the show, helping homeowners either sell their home or renovate it into the home of their dreams. She understands the importance of interior design and how it plays a major role in selling a home. According to House Beautiful, Farr explains that “You have to figure out a way to get an emotional impact,” from the space, rather than selling based only on price and number of bedrooms. 

She isn’t just a talented designer. She is also a great entertainer, adding a lot of fun and humor to the show. Not only is she funny on social media with Twitter posts like “My favorite outdoor activity is going back inside,” but she teases Visentin in good fun, as well. J.D. Scott visits them on the set, asking questions from fans online, and Farr immediately responds, “He has fans?” It seems they’ll ‘include’ him nonetheless!

Her switch from acting to home renovations

There’s a lot more to Farr than you may have expected. She has a passion for both acting and designing. Before she was loved by everyone on HGTV’s Love It or List It, she acted under the name Hilary Labow, appearing in movies like City on Fire, The Return, Legend of the Werewolf, Stardust, Frustrated Wives, and Layout For Five Models. Not to mention additional acting roles in a few TV series!

According to HGTV, she “inherited her mom’s passion for art and design — and helped redecorate the family home — when she was a child.” It’s no wonder she would eventually take on a prominent role as the host and designer on Love It or List It, crafting one-of-a-kind spaces for some lucky homeowners. What’s more interesting is HGTV also reveals that she has also always had a love for theatre. Her cameos and appearances in popular films can attest to that!

Before her acting career began, however, she was studying design at Ryerson University. Screenrant explains, ” … this is when her career really caught fire. She started redesigning homes and some film and television sets,” which inspired her to pursue her second passion for acting and audition for a few roles. Now she’s on-screen and designing. It’s the best of both worlds for Farr!

Hilary Farr and ‘Rocky Horror’

Hilary Farr may be most recently known for her role in Love It or List It, but she has also made an appearance in some well-known films like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Her role was the nonspeaking, bouquet-throwing bride, Betty Munroe, who married Ralph Hapschatt at the beginning of the movie. 

According to Popsugar, “Hilary Farr had a nonspeaking role in 1975’s Rocky Horror Picture Show. She got the part thanks to Tim Curry, her London neighbor at the time.” Acting wouldn’t be her primary career-path, but she does a great job alongside her neighbor, Tim Curry, who played the movie’s lead role, Frank N. Furter. 

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