Love Island’s Michael gets to grips with new girl Joanna as he considers dumping Amber

Friday night’s episode of Love Island saw the girls head into Casa Amor to be greeted by six new hunks.

Meanwhile, the boys met the six new beauties who had entered the main villa.

And it seems like Michael in particular is getting his head turned in a major way.

The 27-year-old firefighter, who is currently coupled up with Amber Gill, takes a fancy to new bombshell Joanna Chimonides.

“If I don’t share a bed with Joanna and there is something there than am I just shooting myself in the foot?”


As the boys greet their new housemates, Joanna, 22, wastes no time in making a beeline for Michael.

She tells him: “I just wanted to pull you aside because you are my type and obviously I wanted to get to know where you’re at. You’re coupled up with Amber. How are things going?”

Michael admits there are some problems between him and Amber, 21.

He tells Joanna: “Things are going well. I wouldn’t really say we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve had a little blip.

“It’s certain things that have gone on that I think is quite childish. Are they things that I would probably put up with outside? Probably not as much as I am in here.”

He adds: “She’s quite straight with everything but at the same time she’s not straight with me sometimes and that can be quite frustrating.”

Asked by Joanna on whether he would pursue things with any of the new girls, Michael admits: “If somebody comes in that’s genuinely better suited to me than Amber is, then it’s one of those things.”

The hunk then later admits to the boys: “Joanna’s obviously a very attractive girl. It wouldn’t hurt to get to know who Joanna is, but at the same time it doesn’t mean that my head’s turned.

“It just means that I’m getting to know Joanna to see if by all means she’s more me than Amber is.”

He even considers sharing a bed with the beautiful brunette, asking the lads: “Is it worth the potential headache of sharing a bed with Joanna if there’s nothing actually. 

there, or if I don’t share a bed with Joanna and there is something there than am I just shooting myself in the foot?”

It seems there’s more drama for the pair as Amber doubts whether Michael will remain loyal over in Casa Amor.

She tells the girls: “Michael’s probably cracking on with some new girl right now. Fantastic.”

Unfortunately she may be right, as a teaser clip for tonight’s episode sees Michael gets to grip with Joanna as she licks her neck.

Is it just part of a group game, or is Michael starting to stray away from Amber?

Love Island airs weeknights and Sundays on ITV2 at 9pm.

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