Love Island’s Danica explodes at Billy as she calls him a ‘pig’ in heated chat

Love Island ’s Danica Taylor unleashed her fury on Billy Brown during Tuesday night’s episode after it was revealed he had been sharing intimate details of their time together with his fellow boys in the villa.

The episode had already gotten off to a rocky start after Billy chose to snub Danica during a game of Snog, Marry, Pie, and instead chose to kiss Gemma Owen and marry Paige Thorne, two women he had previously expressed interest.

Understandably the 21 year old dancer was upset by the snub, given the pair are currently coupled up, with the star even being reduced to tears in heartbreaking scenes as she broke down over how poorly she had been treated since arriving in the villa.

“Why don’t I deserve that? I don’t understand,” she cried.

“Not one person genuinely wants to get to know me romantically, I don’t understand.”

Following the emotional moment, later in the episode Billy and Danica sat down to have a heart to heart, in which Billy explained he only snogged and married the other two girls as he felt it was a bit of “banter” before admitting he “regretted it” after seeing how much he hurt her.

She told him: “I could see myself moving forwardly in a romantic scenario with you…” clearly still expressing an interest.

However Billy was quick to shoot down her hopes for a romance as he replied: “I know why you’re annoyed, I do get it but for me right now I’m not feeling that romantic thing.”

As if things weren’t frosty enough between the pair, things later boiled over after Danica learned from the girls that Billy had been discussing their “intimate” time together a couple of nights previously, with both Tasha and Ekin-Su agreeing it had been a “d**k move”

“I thought they all knew because of the way they were acting,’ Billy told Danica, who replied : “It’s like a lack of respect for me.”

Arguing his point of view, Billy added: “For me to be in here and lead someone on is not how I am. You and me have got to stay true to how we feel and it’s worrying.”

Sharing her frustration at once again being snubbed, Danica then told the Beach Hut: “This is the fifth time now I’ve been given the no.”

However, undeterred by the setback, Danica boldly laughed: “Quite frankly he was f*****g punching anyway.”

Allowing the dust to settle, things seemed to be going well the following day, as the girls hyped up Danica into feeling better about herself following the incident. However this only seemed to energise her argument, with the star left fuming “It’s really f*****g out of order.”

Baffled by the renewed animosity, Billy seemed genuinely confused by her attitude as he told her: “I’m baffled yesterday it was all good. Your tune has changed a lot since yesterday.”

Seeing red, Danica immediately clapped back, telling the Islander: “They’ve opened my eyes up to how much of a pushover I’ve been and your behaviour is disgusting. You’ve come across as a pig.”

“You’ve walked all over me. Shut your mouth. I’m worth more than that, anyone would be lucky to have me.”

After the explosive outburst, Billy could be heard remarking “this girl is drama” but fans at home were firmly on Danica’s side.

“Poor Danica man, I just wanna give a massive hug, “ wrote one fan.

Another agreed, commenting: “Not me crying with Danica man I hate this show.”

While a third declared: “I feel so bad for Danica man we love you.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.


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