Love Island’s Amber and Michael start flirting again days after split

Love Island's Amber and Michael are on and off more often than a high-leg bikini in the hideaway, and it seems tonight they will be growing close again.

The fireman, 27, sensationally dumped Amber, 21, after he got to know new girl Joanna in the villa while the beauty therapist was in Casa Amor.

Amber lost her temper , branded Joanna "ugly" and threw an almighty strop, as Michael said he was too young for her and kept her guard up.

But in Friday's episode the pair share a flirty chat about their relationship — while Joanna looks on in fury.

Michael tells her: "I know you've got a heart of gold, you have a strange way of showing it sometimes.

"You know you make me laugh."

"I know that," Amber responds, giggling.

Last night Joanna attempted to resolve their feud , but it ended in yet another row.

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She told Amber: "I don't want there to be tension in the villa. I know we're not going to be best friends absolutely I get that, this is the perfect opportunity to have it out and to squash it and be on good terms."

But the younger girl said she didn't like the way her love rival had handled the situation.

She said: "In my opinion what I would do in your situation is I would've gone up to the girl immediately."

But the row didn't end there, with Joanna saying: "I did, I tried to say hi to you and you just didn't look at me."

Amber wanted Joanna to know how it felt walking into the villa and finding out that Michael had recoupled with another girl.

She said: “It was a pretty s**t situation for me to walk in front of everybody by myself. To stand there and look at Michael coupled up with you. That wasn’t nice. It hurt my feelings a lot. Michael branded himself as this honest, open, straight-up person and he wasn't”

Joanna replied: “Absolutely. I felt for you. But it's so hard when people say their heads won't be turned. We want to believe them.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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