Love Island Will’s Casa Amor antics to be exposed as dreaded Movie Night returns

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    The Love Island villa is set to be turned on its head, as Will Young's Casa Amor fling will be brought into question while Movie Night causes shock waves on the show.

    In Wednesday night's episode (February 22) Jessie Wynter will begin to show signs of doubt as she's forced to ask Will about what happened while she was staying in the Casa Amor villa.

    Desperate to find out whether there is anyhing else she should know, Jessie pulls Will for a chat.

    Jessie says: "Kissing someone, yeah, not great. Lying on the other hand, that’s something you can never come back from."

    Will then replies: "I’m questioning loads of things" adding: "I would have said a lot of things that night that I didn’t mean."

    A baffled Jessie then says: "I feel like I really trust you, but the fact you’re doubting yourself is making me feel confused."

    Later on in the day, Ron Hall receives a message which leaves the islanders stunned.

    Reading aloud, he says: "Islanders, it’s time to get glam hit the red carpet and grab some popcorn as tonight it’s Movie Night #Blockbuster #ThrillerInTheVilla."

    Shocked by the revelations that are set to be exposed, Tanya Manhenga gasps "No!"

    Seeing her reaction, Shaq Muhammed asks: "Is there anything you want to tell me?"

    A while later, as the boys get ready, Kai Fagan gives them all a warning and tells the lads "just prepare yourself".

    As all of the Islanders walk down the red carpet and sit within their boys and girls teams, they first face a cheeky quiz to earn the right to choose an unseen clip.

    The girls manage to answer the first question correctly and proceed to choose a clip.

    The choices available include Free Will-Y, The Fast and the Curious and No Time To Kai.

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