Love Island villa torn apart as Tyrique confronts Scott and Whitney row leaves Ella in tears

The Love Island villa could be torn apart in the coming days as Friday's episode looks set to ramp up the drama as multiple islanders come to blows.

Thursday night's episode ended with a preview for Friday which saw Ella Thomas left sobbing following her argument with Whitney Adebayo, which saw Whitney brand her former pal "selfish."

The preview then saw Ella's partner Tyrique Hyde confront Scott van der Sluis and accuse him of faking his feeling for new flame Abi Moores.

Talking to his fellow islander at the fire pit, Ty asks: "Do you care about Abi? Cause I feel you don't care about Abi, that's my opinion, I just think you don't care."

Scott and Ty had a similar conversation earlier in the series when Ty accused him of over-exaggerating his feelings for Catherine Agbaje.

This led to Scott gathering the other islanders around the fire pit after hearing them talk behind his back. Tyrique then declared: "You're just with Catherine to just and stay here longer".

Adding fuel to the fire, he continued: “I feel like it’s a feeling within the Villa for myself that people think you are semi-playing a game…you’re definitely over-exaggerating your feelings for Catherine.

“If the majority of people feel one way, then maybe there’s an element of truth.”

Following the preview clip, fans were quick to take to Twitter, with many defending Scott over Ty's attacks, one wrote: "You know this is coming from a place of hate & obsession because Ty does not care for Abi so why does he care about how Scott feels about her… he hates that he doesn’t control him like he can the other lads!"

"Does Ty think he’s the god of that villa to be putting his opinion into EVERY single thing like no one asked for your opinion yet your out here putting your 2 CENTS into everything LMAO doesn’t he know how strong the Scott Fanbase is? Your out NEXT" argued another.

And a third added: "Scott needs to ask Ty why he’s so obsessed with him, he done this with Cathrine now Abi? And as much I don’t like Abi for Scott. Ty is absolutely pathetic #LoveIsland"

It comes after fans dubbed Ty a "cult leader" and argued that Scott was the only boy who doesn't follow his advice.

During a previous episode, one fan quipped: "now i see why tyrique doesn’t like scott, because scott doesn’t follow him like the others [two crying emojis] #loveIsland"

And another tweeted: "see how Scott isn’t being bullied into lipsing any girl? this is why tyrique wanted to beat him earlier on [crying emoji]" #loveisland

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