Love Island viewers in hysterics as Molly-Mae seductively sucks on an ice lolly

LOVE Island viewers were left in hysterics as they watched Molly-Mae seductively suck on an ice lolly last night.

The influencer decided to cool down with the treat after sending temperatures soaring while dressed as a French maid during the Dirty  Dancing challenge.

Those watching at home noticed how intent she looked while enjoying the lolly and took to Twitter to discuss it.

One person wrote: “Molly has just completely zoned out eating that ice lolly haha #loveisland.”

A second commented: “Look at how molly is sucking that ice lolly  #loveisland.”

While a third tweeted: “Molly Mae sucking the life out of that calippo in a daze is an actual MOOD #LoveIsland.”

Shortly afterwards Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury were sent to the hideaway for some private time.

The following morning the pair played down their night away, with Tommy insisting they “just had a kiss and a cuddle”.

Maura pressed for more details and asked what his penis was like, leaving Molly red faced.

She replied saying she wouldn’t know because she hadn’t seen it, despite previously exclaiming “it’s f***ing huge” one night in bed.

It comes after we revealed that the Islanders are having sex in the villa – but it’s not being shown on TV because panicked bosses don't want to “ruin their lives”.

Late-night romps have been scrapped from screens and will never be shown to viewers to avoid embarrassing Islanders when they inevitably later regret their steamy bedtime antics.

A TV insider revealed: "There's a few couples having sex in the villa but it hasn't been shown on TV – bosses are worried about upsetting them and fear ruining their lives."

"Everyone is being extra careful about the well-being of the cast and how they will deal with the aftermath if their sex scenes are shown.

“Most of them have said they're not comfortable with their sex scenes being broadcast and bosses have taken it all into account – many go on to regret having sex on camera because of how they're viewed by the public and their employers.

“ITV bosses are being extra cautious after suicides and it's easier to not show the sex – if it happens it's alluded to in the commentary by Iain Stirling rather than explicitly shown – chances are we might never see anyone have sex on Love Island again."

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