Love Island viewers fuming as show is rescheduled due to Euro 2020 semi-final

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Love Island fans were not left impressed after it was confirmed that the show will be rescheduled this evening so that it doesn't overlap with the Euro 2020 semi finals.

Although the football will not be shown on ITV2, it will be aired on most mainstream channels, so ITV bosses chose to push back the reality show.

The show received a schedule shake-up once it was confirmed that England had made it through to the semi-final following their success on Saturday.

While some users are grateful that the show has been pushed back until the game has ended, many were quick to share their frustration.

One user wrote: "Love Island being moved to 10pm because of the England game is not the vibe."

Another added: "ITV bosses you should have let the football air at 10pm instead, Love Island is far better and should be first."

A third person wrote: "Love Island starting at 10pm on a Wednesday night is a farce."

Meanwhile, other viewers believed it was a smart move – though many were calling optimistic, with the hopes that there will be no penalties or extra time.

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The show is set to last from 10pm to 11.05pm this evening – and viewers are happy it hasn't been rescheduled entirely, because it looks like the new bombshells will stir up some trouble.

Lucinda Strafford and Millie Court will be inviting lads on a date tonight, with a date between Lucinda and Brad appearing to leave Rachel in tears.

Meanwhile, it looks like it could be the end of Sharon and Aaron after he was invited on a date with Millie and Aaron told Sharon he didn't like how she handled the argument with Hugo.

Both Sharon and Faye had a lot to say about Hugo revealing that he doesn't like "fake" girls when it comes to both personality and looks – leaving the PE teacher in tears.

Although Hugo made up with Sharon and Faye, it doesn't look like Aaron is quite over the awkward argument, but more on their romance will be revealed tonight.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 10pm.

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