Love Island holding house on ‘Millionaire’s Row’ puts main ITV villa to shame

Love Island star says secret Kardashian-style holding villa on 'Millionaire's Row' puts main villa to shame.

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown entered the show in Winter 2023 and said her post-show exit was amazing.

Telling us what happened after she was given the boot, Zara exclusively said: "You go to a holding villa, which literally is like something out of the Kardashians.

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"It's stunning, it was on Millionaire's Wow, so I literally felt like a queen, like I couldn't even get over it. It was like six bedrooms with massive plasma TV screens. It was crazy.

"But I was in there by myself like a queen, obviously with my chaperone and someone from security."

Talking about her post-show routine, Zara's co-star Anna-May Robey also shared what happened when she left the show.

Anna-May told us: "When we left we had 15 mins to get everything packed I think I left so much of my stuff there. We had 15 mins to pack all of my stuff and say bye to everyone and leave.

"I was like 'Oh my god, girls, I'm going to miss you.'"

"They were there just like shoving everything in my suitcase. Then me and Harris left and I think we did our walkout with our suitcases like four times.

"Harris and I were in a holding villa for I think it was three nights, and we were the security and a chaperone.

"And we didn't have our phones or anything there.

"It was just for a couple of days and then we flew home.

"You can like do a shopping list and they'll get you what you want. But I'm not sure if they'll give you alcohol, I didn't ask."

Anna-May Robey also revealed the Winter 2023 stars had a secret twerking competition.

She confessed: "We had to do a sexy challenge where we had to dance and I was like 'Oh my god, what are we going to do?'

"So I was like, right, Tanya, or Tanyel, because they could do it. And Zara could actually really well. I was like, right 'Someone teach me how to twerk'.

"And we were all in the lounge, I'm surprised they didn't put it on TV actually, but we were all having a twerking competition more or less. We had so much fun in there."

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