Love Island fans in hysterics over Michael’s unusual hair drying technique

Love Island 2019 viewers have been left divided over Michael Griffiths’ recent behaviour.

After dumping Amber Gill for new girl Joanna, and since telling Amber he still likes her, there’s plenty of drama going on in the villa.

But viewers noticed something during Wednesday’s episode that left them “cracking up”.

Michael was in the background of one scene featuring the boys in the bedroom, getting ready for the evening.

Michael had just got out of the shower, and was seen drying off in the corner.

It’s then that he revealed his technique for towel drying his curly hair, and several viewers thought it was unusual.

Many admitted the moment had them “in stitches” as Michael dried his hair in the towel, before shaking his head around super quickly.

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Taking to Twitter , fans questioned if other viewers had noticed the moment, giving their take on his method.

One fan asked: “Is this a normal way to dry hair?”

Another said: “The way Michael dries his hair is cracking me up.”

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